Wednesday, July 27, 2011

and i'm one of them

3 out of 10 doctoral students drop out
a precise explanation to my excuses

10 reasons to Visit IstanBuL

1.To witness the fall of the Byzantine Empire, which was formed when the Roman Empire split up as eastern and western empires in 395,
2. To see the lands which the Ottaman empire existed on for over one thousand years. To see the capital which has been carried from Roman times to today’s Istanbul,
3. To witness the 600 year long adventure of the Ottoman Empire’s most glorious times, and the founding of the Republic
4. To see the palaces which summarize the great artistic and architectural of the Ottomans' achievements, especially the Topkapı Palace and the marvelous buildings, mosques, bazaars, fountains, cisterns and streets in the surrounding Sultanahmet area,
5. To witness the magnificent atmosphere of Hagia Sophia, the Greek cathedral turned into a mosque
6. To feel the pulse of Europe’s first, and the world’s 5th largest city, with its population of 13.8 million,
7. To become a part of the cultural wealth brought on by the coexistence of the modern and the traditional,
8. To experience going from Europe to Asia in five minutes by boat or by car (during low traffic hours),
9. To watch Asia from Europe, Europe from Asia, and be a part of the “fish by the Bosphorus” tradition while watching,
10. To be able to answer the question “How can the people of one city be both Westerners and Easterners?”

as for me, the visit to Istanbul does remind me the Magnificient of khalifah period, the glorious of Islam and how sad it is to see the "ruin" made by Kemalism...
what a shame :(

Tuesday, July 26, 2011