Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Backbiting, fed up and makrout

Selamat hari raya! Saha eid kom! Eid Mubarak! Bon Aïd!

Eid was great but coming back to office after a long holiday is not so great after all. It's not just me feeling that way but I guess the majority do. Work is so-so, I mean it's normal for an employee. Office politics, backbiting tire me down. Honestly I couldn't tolerate anymore. trying to push HoneyStar to complete his study as soon as possible with the hope to migrate somewhere else. Is Malaysia is least better place than others? Maybe..But I do believe that there are other better places to live or even new places to explore. I've been bitten by "adventure" bug so I'm all for this travel around the globe. The only thing I would probably miss about Malaysia is my family or perhaps the weather too. i am not much into chilly snowy winter.
My ma is not feeling well and will be schedule for surgery next month. Insyallah. I'm feeling bad since I couldn't accommodate her. She refused to stay with me since my apartment is always empty during the days and I might be travelling for some field works from now and then. I pray for some little kiddos to tag along soon so that ma will agree to stay with me and of course I'll have a new profession as a professional homemaker. I could picture us doing some morning walk after HoneyStar off for work and me pushing the pram. We could stop and have a rest on the bench if she feels tired and we could chit chat from everything to nothing…J Insyallah.

Sometimes I wonder, will I ever miss my current profession later when I finally resign or not? All that I know, I will never had the chance to experience it again. As waiting for the time to arrive, I try to commit myself to it, finding job satisfaction and at least I could always sigh to myself…been there, done that...again. Whatever it is I don't see myself permanently slaving for these people. What will I do if the time finally comes? I don't know...all that I could think of is not rushing to office every morning and perhaps I could cook makrout whenever I wanted because I do have the space to do so... plus extra time to doze..ZZZZZZZ

HoneyStar received a box of traditional cookies from a friend who just came from Algeria and I was more than happy to see a makrout in it and of course it was shared with HoneyStar. My eyes even caught a glimpse of makrout while Reading a walk in life's blog entry. i simply love the combination of the semolina & dates...All these apparitions making me realize that I have an overdue assignment to complete...yes, making the makrout for the first time…