Monday, April 25, 2011

I am officially closing the kitchen

My kitchen is temporarily closed for a month. Last night I prepared today’s dinner. A simple shepherd pie and Basboosa for my dear Mr. Basboosa. he was helping me wiping the floor and Alhamdulillah i am blessed with a husband who helps a lot around the house. now, The stove is sparkly clean and I will only use it to boil hot water.

As tomorrow we agreed on having early dinner otw back from office. Yes, unfortunately I will still be working till 430 pm tomorrow and catch the flight by midnight. I’m all excited but long flight is no fun. I struggled every second in the 3 hours flight from Tawau last week and can’t imagine what I’m going to do in 10 hours flight and another 5 hours. I had my 10 hours flight ages ago...the latest was in 2003 a solo backpacking to down under. Honestly I was restless. Well this time I have my Mr. Basboosa to keep me company, 2 novels, a pack of “donkey” card, snake and ladders game, crossword puzzle, notebook with me and Insyallah everything be fine. After a day in office and running here and there, I’ll be tired and sleep straight away in the flight.

We are all not in a cheerful mood. My MIL is terribly sick and Mr. Basboosa is really sad. I don’t know hoe to cheer him up but Insyallah I will support him and try not to make him more miserable. So I got to behave myself. I pray to Allah that MIL will get better soon.
The luggage is all ready. We have 5 bags including our hand luggage. All set for the long journey

I will try to blog whenever I could but might only post it when I came back. As for now. See ya

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a cute day

i hit my head while entering the gate to the premises. darn! that gate frame. it's so low. it's quite embarrassing and hurt too...the metal gate made such a noisy sound..ouch

luckily i didnt get any bump..perhaps i should plot an "amnesia" case and freak everybody :P
but i am such a geek which worries too much on completing the assignment. yes, a pat on my back..hey, i work for the people...they pay simple and clear like that. they pay tax tax pay us, we serve them..

so a little bang on the head should not be a big issue. it makes today a "cute day" after all.

I'm here and there

i long to see the sea gypsy immersing themselves with the nature and thinking, life could be so simple.

here am i in one of the most beautiful place in the world. near all those beautiful island with all those amazing sea. i feel like jumping in the sea and swim with the fish but i have promised Mr Basboosa to behave myself. i guess, it means to stay away from the sea. well, i'll be taking a boat to meet my respondents on thursday. it's just going to be 5 mins..oh..can we go further?...hahaha. such a crawzy lady. my co-researcher will kill me for dragging her that far. i'll save that adventure for a personal trip .

there are too many places i wanted to go but i couldnt find time for it. 25 days leave a year is nothing after few visit back to my hometown. starting this year i have to think ways to save my annual leave. half of it will be spent for holiday across the globe visiting my in laws and 3 days for a getaway with my mother somewhere and trip back and forth to my hometown. this year i just took mom to Cameron Highland on Chinese New year and next year me and Mr Basboosa agreed that Langkawi will be a nice place to take her. i couldnt take her diving in sipadan or climbing the mount Kinabalu so i guess Langkawi will be a suitable place for all. shopping and sightseeing for her, diving for him, chocolate for me :)

traveling for work means that i have little time to wander around. half of the day will be spent meeting the respondents..acting professionally, another half will be spent to prepare the report. we wouldnt want to spend hours in office after the trip just to write the report. we have zillions things to settle and plus "dont-know-what" will come out.

and me. i'll be leaving next wednesdy at the very early hour. i told mr Basboosa that the kitchen will be officially closed for operation starting next monday. i'll only be home this friday night. i think my flight will arrive around 9pm...waiting for luggage, traveling back home.. so perhaps i will only be in my apartment by 1030.

the weekend will be laundry day and the kitchen will still be operating....and yes i owe Mr Basboosa another one Basboosa. i made him one before i travel but silly me..i missed one ingredient. the basboosa doesnt seem like normal..hahaha. he's okay with that. a less perfect basboosa and a dozen of Roti make me less guilty leaving him for the week. i do miss him all the time.

honestly nowadays i enjoy cooking for him. he's a big eater who eats everything i cooked and never complaint. i'm new in kitchen so my food could taste nasty sometimes. he has his own way to comment and choose the right words not to hurt my feeling or damage my ego :P. Alhamdulillah i'm blessed to be married to him. he doesnt seem to mind cooking for me, teaching me new recipes and i have to admit that he is a good cook. two thumbs up for his couscous and steak and shorba and chakhchoukha and the bread and...i guess all of it. he deserve the credits.

after this week away from home the only place i wanted to b is home and cook for him :)

Semporna is amazing but without my amazing mr basboosa, it has less meaning to me. perhaps i could arrange a week stay in Mabul with him and we could take a rest and explore the island and other islands together. we always wanted to stay there for longer time and help out the children in the madrasah. but we just dont have time. me busy with my research mr basboosa with his work and thesis to be completed.
i need to unpack and pack once i m back at home. mr basboosa said he'll pack all those souvenirs while im away and i just need to put our clothes once i come back. so 6 luggages. 1 souvenirs, 1 our clothes, 1 extra, 1 transit bag, 1 notebook bag, 1 games and snack bags. wow, it's seem like we are moving away.hope the euro will go down and we could have more cash to spend there. shopping shopping and shopping..i have been thinking about it ...a lot. i do have things that i NEED to buy. hahah NEED TO BUY.. the precise phrase!

it will be good if the luggage could pack and unpack by itself

how do i feel? all excited but nervous too. meeting the in laws for the first time but i'm confident that i'll be okay. they must be as nice as the boy that im married to.

all set for the trip? yes, im leaving my work behind and my boss will have to take care of it. i have submitted my work to him since last two weeks but he doesnt seem to have time to check it. too bad, he'll need to do it while im gone plus the correction and believe me i am a mistake-prone. hahah..sorry Doctor,

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I know when I'll be back again
Oh, boss, I love to go'

hahaha such a looney.
so, time to write some serious report now. all set for the 15 hours flight..owwhh i had to take the 3 hours back homee first. what a spoiler.

good night

Monday, April 18, 2011

time alone AGAIN

Thursday, April 14, 2011




This Time Last Year

I was sitting next to mr. basboosa and thinking about work, packing, travel, packing, travel. Suddenly I remembered. “Hey, guess where I was at this time last year?” yes..a brief visit that took my mind off from all those lists in my schedule. The memory really makes my day. There is no other place I wanted to be other than there. My workload seems to be a small matter after all . So next time if im feeling a lil bit stress, I better think of the memory. Insyallah I’ll be there again.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 More WeeKs

Last night HoneyStar reminded me “hey, do you realize that we’ll be taking a flight exactly this time on next 3 weeks?” yes..I am all excited but there are things holding me back from getting too excited... work. It’s really hectic. 12 respondents to the transcription...300 samples to choose, meaning I have to squeeze my eyes and look at the most suitable sample. Letters to send, phone calls to be made, instrument to be prepared….luckily my co-partner is leading and I’m eager to learn all these new stuff. My other team members are not on my sight. People are busy going here and there for few other researches... as for my own research? I haven’t received any comment from Boss and I think he has not read my proposal. Duh! How I’m supposed to present the proposal for approval to the panel before leaving. As I could conclude for the time being…my research will be on a month “vacation” an even worse, tag alone with me for the month that i'm suppose to be "free" from work. sure i'm going to miss the data analysis and poor Dr Reena with less one person to help. 3 weeks, I’ll be taking 6 flights, approximately 35 hours in total...welcome jetlag :( Sometimes I feel like saying ….please, I don’t want to fly to the respondents but flying is better than 8 hours drive elsewhere in the peninsular. housework is better with a lovely husband like mine which doesnt mind helping me in the kitchen and around the house. all i need to do is to reward him with Basboosa from now and then. perhaps i'll go back and prepare one today. insyallah
I am one Tired Lady