Friday, April 30, 2010


i love seems that that's the only thing im good and plus another one,'s good to know that there're other things in life can make me content. life is challenging, people make me smiles...some make me cry. books could give the same effect but shall i less painful way. reading makes me travel to the places that i yet to discover. life will never be bored as long as i have my small garden and crowded bookshelf which i referred as "library" :)

this was posted in my 5th blog but then i couldnt manage it well. so i decided to delete the blog and shift my book review to this blog. it doesnt matter where i posted it .all that i intend to do in this site is tot write book review or just mumbling opinion about books that i have read. i used to record whatever i read manually so's time to keep the record online so that it wont lost. yes less to save the earth...not so ;( because i'll be consuming electric more..sigh!!!

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. unfortunately my garden is not so well. the flowers are not blooming, the greens are fading..but im doing my best to keep it nourished. i need more oxygen to keep my brain functioning better..then i could read and read and read....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things Not To Do in 3 Months--updated

let me list down

  1. cut my it..but plan to chop it soon..bye bye OFF WITH THE HEAD!!!

  2. colour my hair...doing next week..but be more natural..henna based only since it reminds me of :my late dad commented "can you pray with that colour on?" my mum said "what have you done with your nice hair?" my sis asked," where do i get that same colour?" my lil niece said, "This is aunty's hair (referring to her doll's bad locks)" my colleague stressed, "Of course there's no Pork in the hair colour product!"

  3. eat carbo on weekdays except wholemeal bread/brown fatter Now..

  4. Drink more than a cup of coffee on daily basis..i hate coffee now..well dont know why but after coming back from the "journey"...untempted at all..glad to be"decaffeinated " at last

  5. forget drink milk before bedtime..milk goes stale in my fridge by the time i remembered about it..powdered milk not so tasty ;P

  6. wake up late even on weekend....seems to be waking up before fajr lately

  7. get crazy...not clinically but i do get crazy many times..all the time

  8. easily stressed up...not now was before

  9. buy make up.....just a black kohl for emergency "masked up" in office. sheer colour lip ice..i'm ditching all those lipsticks, fancy eyeshadows, pinky blushes..settled for black Kohl, mascara and natural colour lip gloss only..thinking of goin "au naturel"

  10. buy books (i have lots of unread new books-so read all of it first)...i bought almost zillion books. always have soft spot for books..cant say NO even constantly"hackin" Tahirah's bookshelf..for Neesa's books..Sorry Mate :)

  11. buy new clothes...bought some modest clothes..perhaps time to clean the wardrobe and get over the frilly hello kitty styles

  12. change shampoo..i did..finished last one..while waiting new one imported from Japan. hurry up Keiko-san!

  13. being lazy..still do..its in my blood :P perhaps need a blood transfusion..need to upgrade to A instead of AB..ridiculous!!!


4 achieved

5 need to be improvised

4 justified

well done..mission accomplished!!! no failure just "pending" success..better strategies next time

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hit it in BobbY Style

i couldnt stop from writing..and im aware about it..through happy or sad times. all i wanted to do is to expose less of my personal matters to the readers. this blog is purposely created for leisure..something more casual. i do write a and there..i even have manual journal, to record on things before i head off to the bed or if i ever have any idea right after waking im in the process of updating my Bulan's Quest..a blog which more into my personal quest..or travel. i had my recent "wonderful journey" drafted on papers. thinking that i better type it down b4 im loosing all those details.

then im planning to shift my old blogs dated 2004 till 2009 to a new blogsite..i did export and import thingy but it left the blog unchronogical. a bit messy. so..i dont favour it at all.

since i'm still getting grip on the real world and picking up the pieces of jigsaw puzzle in my current life..i have no time to just sit and type..yes..shall i say i'm looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle..and insyallah will find it's under the couch.

as i laid back and doing research for my friend texted me..putting a lil smile on me..yeah a text which sound more like this " Sister, me and my husband were watching classic hindi film "Bobby" and we think that Bobby does look like you a lot"
and i replied back " who's the hero?" she replied " forgot his name but maybe your "one" looked like him" i replied back "maybe..hopefully my "Rishi Kapoor" is on the way..anyway people said there are 7 people looked alike in this world" She replied "whatever it are the Bobby" i ended the sms "send regards to Ahmad and kisses for baby Abdul"
i think i'll visit them some time soon.

Bobby..the first image came into my mind is her red skimpy outfit..which i shall not describe more..she's such a hottie. the story is a typical Bollywood love story. Boy met girl. boy is rich..girl is poor. Boy's family disapproved. arranged marriage to other rich girl. Poor girl sad but gave up. Boy ran away from family. Boy took girl away. Boy's family searched for them. Boy's family finally approved and Boy and Girl live happily ever after. of course there's dancing and singing for 3/4 of the movie and punching and kicking with elaborated sound effect...that sound more like an elephant trampling over a human's body rather than a human's punch..amazing!

Look at the nothing like Bobby..well at least she reminds somebody of me :)

real life is not as simple as "Bobby" it lucky or whatever. it takes time to finally get to assemble things together. then when a part of it goes missing, you just had to keep looking. there'll be times you'll stop looking and make the process slower..wheras the missing pieces could end up in the dustbin or hidden in a corner of your house. meaning, your have to direct it..of course Allah does it but through you conscience. there'll be the'll just loosing your conscience. hold on..chill up..take a break..then continue looking for that missing piece again. you'll find it at the least expected place or time.

the thing is i have no solid idea to write but im feeling like writing anyway.writing always make me feel better..been writing manually since life, teenage crush etc..things were bad at certain time but it's amazing to read again and know that im still alive :) not an angel and never been perfect in many ways. i get emotional..i cry..i laugh..i stutter..i stumble..i fall..i break

the one thing keep me goin is my faith...
yes i gotta have faith..again..Life Goes On

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taking a Time Out

I am aware that not many fellow blogger been reading my blog and my blog is never been popular or important. i like to write and blogging seems a cool way to express my thoughts and ideas, let it be "real" or merely "imagination".
but at some point, things get personal. Then i feel the need to take a break from blogosphere..just to ease some thoughts.
my break is not going to be permanent, maybe for just little time which im not sure....
so for the time being, i'll just sit quietly in the corner. Perhaps, i'll just blogging the ancient way..manually with pen and papers. no audience but that will do.
insyallah i'll be back in no time..with better stories and less wimpy ideas.
now, i rather keep my thoughts in my wonderland while updating my quest privately till i'm ready to go public again. there are so many things i wanted to write about untill i dont know how and where to start. it's better for me to just scribble it before let others read.
insyallah i'll be back soon since i love writing and knowing that someone been reading my "piece of junks". yes..MY thoughts, MY dreams
Thank You all for all those time spent reading this "junks"...

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Kohled eyes

i was feeling under the weather yesterday. feeling all craps and all that i wanted to do was lying on my bed, closing my eyes and pretend to sleep. i put my mobile on silence mode..yet feeling it vibrated. i just let it went on. yes..i was feeling upside down..trying to open my eyes and put the kohl and go on with my life. unfortunately no kohl would hide those i rather kept the kohl for less turmoil days when a thin line shall hide the restlessness. sometimes i believe kohl is a magical substance that could make crying eyes smiling :)

wearing kohl is like wearing a mask to me..when i tried to remind myself..wake up! life has to go on. put this kohl on ur beautiful eyes yet puffy..put on a great smile on that dimpled cheeks..walk your head up..greet all those you meet on the way to punch your attendance card..hold on..till you'll get to your partition..then sit and .......try not to wet those cheek with the black kohl..ITS OKAY TO RUIN YOUR KOHL BUT ITS NOT OKAY TO RUIN YOUR DAY