Friday, June 28, 2013

no more cry..

i just need to announce it to the world..LittleStar doesnt cry when i put him in his crib anymore....took us 15 nights to actually stop hearing his cry..
unfortunately he still waking up every 2 hours for feeding :( and end up sleeping next to me because i was falling asleep while feeding him..just wish that he will sleep longer i dont have to wake up and pick him from his crib anymore..feeding him while siting doesnt seem a good idea at the moment . perhaps i should just cherish this moment..yes, as if i have any other option...biberon is a NO NO..sucette  just not his favourite too.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Defrosting The Words

A long's been more than a year and I’m back with a little addition, I don’t dream that much anymore maybe because I didn’t sleep much too. Little Star make me fully occupied. I am surviving days of sleepless nights and dirty conversation becomes limited...days passed by with only simple conversation with a five month old and a busy husband. My language "freeze" English doesn’t seem right at all...the sentences are badly structured, grammatically incorrect and I stuttered to find suitable vocabulary...yes...OH MY ENGLISH...

I refuse to speak English to my little Star...firmly saying that I wanted to treasure my culture which I couldn’t say much except for the "challenging" dialect...yes I am speaking the unique dialect only to my little Star. Another reason is I always want to have someone to talk to wherever I will be...there will not be a mute day anymore…our journey in rising a multilingual child starts here..

I was planning to blog in my first language but then I just need to always refresh my second language since it becomes rusty from day to day...I just need to keep up with it after draining my energy in graduate school..I still feel the need to acknowledge my so-called expertise besides living a new life as the "Monster of the house"...

Life is not just pots and pans or dirty diapers...although I don’t see myself going back to my old job...sometimes I do miss the environment. Not the working part but the coffee break, lunches and gossiping with some colleagues...Life changes in a good way for me.

Now I’m just going to write whatever I feel like...let it be about anything :)

*I’m writing this on the third night of little Star's sleep training...He was sleeping in his crib by my side for two months and then I thought that co-sleeping would be better for us since he constantly waking up for feeding every two hours or sometimes every one hour...I was sleep deprived..It worked well for us but now he's started to move and roll a lot during sleeping. I just couldn’t sleep in peace, worrying about his safety. So I think putting him back into his crib will be the best arrangement at the moment. The first night he spent 40 minutes crying and surprising on the second night just took him 10 minutes before dozing off. Tonight doesn’t seem to be easy...he's been crying for almost 30 minutes now...hope he will calm down and fall asleep soon. I hope this phase will pass by soon...listening to his cry is painful...HoneyStar supports this decision too...

Perhaps I should really plan my days now...trying to slot in some activities in my life instead of just nurturing Little Star. He’s still my priority but I love to do some serious writing and some routine exercise will be good...tones of weight need to be shed...oh...I envy those who lost weight while breastfeeding :( time to cut all those junks and dust away the cross-trainer.

*LittleStar fell asleep after 35 minutes*