Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Green and Greener Duo

I don’t want to do it! Najeeno the green alien is just exhausted.

I am the green alien who looked greener each day. Things are always green here and sometimes I crave for the blue grass in the blue planet. Like people say “the grass always looks greener at the other side of the fence’. It’s already green here so why do I need to look at the other side of the fence. Somehow I do adore the greener grass at Mereeno’s territory. Yes I am married to the greenest alien ever who glows in the dark. A trip to his territory was really a blast. I was treated like a princess and the best part is I blend in. I don’t glow in the dark but I am GREEN so who cares as long as I don’t go out at night or even if I did. I would bring my “magic torch” with me. It’s kindda funny to see all of them in the dark. All those green lights and when they blink their eyes.... Such a panorama! More or less like fireflies except that they are green.

After a long break in the “glowing” planet, I and my alien are relocated in planet earth again. We are sent for a mission. The mission is to observe human’s family way of life. So here we are two green aliens in human bodies. We look like normal human except that we have only green clothes packed with us, but I do intend to add more colours to our wardrobe. Mereeno does not glow in the dark anymore except when you press his nose and of course I’m the only one who are given authority to o so :P like last night when the electricity was cut out for 5 mins. i pressed his big nose and..viola!..the house was all green. how could i miss that and I almost forgot that I have a “life-stand” torch which function well with just a touch. He is my life saviour. He’ll always will.

io lovo yo (translation=i love you)

Let me brief about the mission which basically to instill “green attitude” in human’s family. It’s not just the environmental consciousness but other values as well. Living as human is hard, especially in this part of the earth. Perhaps it will be different in the north. I would love to experience the “human’s life” in the Artic but was relieved to know that we are not chosen because the latest news I heard was saying those who are sent there need to be “penguins’. Hahahaha, pity Reeno and Beeno. I guess they must be the cutest penguins in the Artic. No wonder they had this awkward walking style when I met them during last summer holiday. Hahaha

My life as wife and professional is not easy. I am assigned as a typical equator wife which means I’m working 8 hours, 5 days a week and juggling after work life as homemaker. I am glad that even though we disguise as humans,inside, we are still ourselves . So life with Mereeno is not exactly typical equator. He helps me a lot with almost everything. I am glad to be hitched by that glow-in-the-dark alien.

Reporting from :2°56′9.84″N 101°41′20.58″E

To be continued....

quand le chat n'est pas là, les souris dansent

Friday, August 12, 2011

a little mess up

salam abe
could you please buy








9.serai for tom yum

saha ya rajal :)
when you are trying to learn new languages..you might end up mixing all -conscious or unconsciously