Sunday, January 31, 2010

what should be done?

finally i have the courage to open the box which i used to store my old written journal from 2000-2004. i knew it was there all along but i chose to ignore it. there are too many details that i rather not remember. it's there...will always be there. i couldnt erase what had happened but i could pretend that i dont remember. of course i will always remember it but i rather store it deep down my mind and lock it.
i was thinking of destroying all of those. perhaps setting a campfire with all those journals...some sorts of celebration sayin..been there..done that or an expression of relief sayin..i went thru all those craps or an expression of denial sayin..i never wanted to recall all those details...
should i destroy it? should i keep it?
i think the best thing to do is to burn the seaside
i wouldnt even want to read it why keep it? i definitely dont want others to read and i'm sure that it's not goin to be published not even when i'm dead..."a Diary of a Wimpy Women" which can be purchased from the psychology department? no...i dont think so

Friday, January 29, 2010

interesting Metaphor

-------------Girls---------- ----
-----------are like apples------
-------on trees. The best ones-----
-----are at the top of the tree.-----
---The boys dont want to reach---
--for the good ones because they--
-r afraid of falling and getting hurt.-
-Instead, they get the rotten apples-
from the ground that arent as good,
but easy. So the apples up top think
something wrong w/ them when in
-reality they're amazing. They just--
---have to wait for the right boy to
---- come along, the one who's-
----------- brave enough to-----
---------------climb all---------
---------------the way--------
--------------to the top-------
-------------of the tree.---------

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

YouR MuM was AmazinG

Monday, January 18, 2010

a RePly to MonKey

wat kindda help is this?
make my beautiful life x so beautiful cld i be described as a spongy yellow thing? gosh's supposed to make me feel better than ever..wat's ur point? do u despise me that much?

u r such a selfish monkey who always thinks that u r all that! yes..u r all that crapsss....
what are you trying to imply?
that i have teeth like this yellow creature?
or i am as square as him physically? that my brain is as none as his? really make make day.... make it terrible

so next time hold your thoughts....

Sponge Bob Square Pants
You are the classic person that everyone loves. You are the best friend that anyone could ever have and never want to loose. You never cause harm to anyone and they would never not understand your feelings. Life is a journey it's funny and calm for the most part. Stay away from traitors and jealous people then you will be stress-free.

if this is me....

this must be U...patrick starfish?

yeah..go and knock your head!!!!

* Loyal and generous-
* Patriotic -
believe me i am more Malaysian than my look :)
* Active in games and interactions-
if u consider crossword puzzle as a game..i say BRING IN ON!!!
* Impatient and hasty-sometimes only...the best is someone has to deal with it !!!!..
* Ambitious-
yes i want to be a cartoon.......creator
* Influential in organizations -errrr..not yet..

* Fun to be with-so..what do u think?
* Loves to socialize....
hahahaha....if im in a situation where i needed too.
* Loves praises...
dont u like it too?
* Loves attention
attention loves me :)
* Loves to be loved
.....duh!!!! do u like to be hated?
* Honest and trustworthy
* Not pretending
...i am good in pretending not pretending
* Short tempered
....yes...but i could keep things for ages and reheat it later just lk microwaved food
* Changing personality
....i'm not a chameleon who changes colour
* Not egoistic
.....I am a very egoistic person
* Takes high pride in oneself
* Hates restrictions
* Loves to joke...depends
* Good sense of humor...Dont know
* Logic..hahahaha finally i am a proclaimed Logic!!!!

YOU NEED TO DRINK THIS AMOUNT OF WATER PER DAY 2.44....i used to drink more..and i peed like a Horse..pretty disgusting


i dont like lamb n mutton...

what's ur intention? Rabbit? i am an animal lover..not a rabbit killer like you!

how could u eat such cute creature?!!!

again..Goat's Milk? u gotta be jokin!
cabbage juice? yuck!!!!! have you tried it?

drink this!!!!

food to loose weigh.....i could NOT see myself as a vegetarian

Tofu tofu fa counts?
Seafood the canned tuna?
Green vege ok lah
Dairy products so-so
Alkaline fruits wat?
Pineapples Hawaiian pizza ..yummy

Friday, January 15, 2010

Emotionally Drenched

best described my Friday

enough said.....

i just wanna go out and PlaY

Thursday, January 14, 2010

things NOT to DO in 3 months

let me list down
  1. cut my hair
  2. colour my hair
  3. eat carbo on weekdays except wholemeal bread/brown rice
  4. drink more than a cup of coffee on daily basis
  5. forget drink milk before bedtime
  6. wake up late even on weekend
  7. get crazy
  8. easily stressed up
  9. buy make up
  10. buy books (i have lots of unread new books-so read all of it first)
  11. buy new clothes
  12. change shampoo
  13. being lazy

Monday, January 11, 2010

Excuse Me, Where are You From?

"Excuse Me, Where are You From?" do i answer this question when a new friend asks me?

let's try a situation.

i just came back from office and went to buy some accessories for my skate and i met a new friend who's browsing for accesorries too. same interest!



hey, so you are into skate as well.

oh..hi..yes. but im not a good skater though..

aah..dont worry as long as you r rolling the wheels..that'll be fine.



heheheheheheh (gigling in flirtatious nature)

by the way..where are you from?

should i say that i'm from my office?
the flat that i'm sharing with my bro?
my hometown?
my country ?

what do you think?

LeaRning Tower of PISA

first of all...Alhamdulillah

"did a lil happy dance "
to be updated in more interesting manner :)

PISA stands in a tradition of international school studies, undertaken since the late 1950s by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). Much of PISA's methodology follows the example of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS, started in 1995), which in turn was much influenced by the U.S. National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). The reading component of PISA is inspired by the IEA's Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS).
PISA aims at testing literacy in three competence fields: reading, mathematics, science.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Civilising role of Islamic education

i found this inspiring article while browsing the star online. just feel like sharing it and keep it posted in my blog since i'm an EDuCatioN MonSteR :)

Education in Islam refers to knowledge which makes the soul alive, drawing together all good disciplines so man is led to excellent intellectual and moral qualities.

WILLIAM Godwin, a renown English political philosopher, once declared that man’s “moral improvements will keep pace with his intellectual” progress, as long as “sound reasoning and truth (are) adequately communicated” to him.
Godwin’s statement is remarkably parallel to some aspects of Dr Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas’ definition of education in Islam.

In the latter’s The Concept of Education in Islam, we have the famous definition:
“education is adab progressively instilled into man”; disciplinary, in regard to human potentialities; selective, in regard to his intellectual and spiritual attributes; corrective, in regard to his action; and qualitative, in regard to his preservation from judgemental errors.

Instilling adab first and foremost refers to “the disciplinary action”, as it involves action to discipline the body, mind and soul of the education-recipient.

This definition found support in the past by the author of al-‘Inayah, who referred to education’s content as “the drawing together of all good disciplines whereby man is led to excellent intellectual and moral qualities (kull riyadah mahmudah fa-yakhruju bi-ha al-insan ila fadilah min al-fada’il)”.

That the author employed the term “man” rather than “Muslim” in that definition is reflective of the fact that Islamic education draws out our common humanity more than its superficial differences.

Second, adab also refers to “the selective acquisition”, as it involves acquisition of the good qualities and attributes of mind and soul of the education-recipient.

That proposition concisely formulates various descriptions given by authoritative works like Fath al-Qadir, which stated that adab is “al-khisal al-hamidah”; or like Bahr al-Jawahir, which defined it more comprehensively as “husn al-ahwal wa husn al-akhlaq wa ijtima‘ al-khisal al-hamidah”.

That the aim of Islamic education is to put the student in full possession of all his physical, intellectual and spiritual potential has also been emphasised by Abu Zayd as well as the author of al-Bahr al-Ra’iq, both of whom identified adab as “malakah”, viz., trait of character.
Both authorities also described adab as “al-sifah al-rasikhah li al-nafs (the stable, firmly established attribute of the self)”.

Third, adab means “the correct performance”, as it is to perform the correct as against the erroneous action, right or proper as against wrong.

For Shah ‘Abd al-Haqq al-Dihlawi (d. 1052/1642), in his Risalah Hilyat al-Nabi, adab in this context refers to “the path which is approved by God and is good” (al-tariqah al-maqbulah wa al-salihah), values of which were taught by Him to the Prophet, in order to be emulated by humanity in general and Muslims in particular.

Fourth, adab requires “the qualitative preservation”, as it is the preserving from disgrace in terms of errors of judgement and subsequently wrong action.
Al-Tahanawi has reported that for ahl al-hikmah or sage, adab refers to “the preserving of the self (siyanat al-nafs)”, while for Abu Zayd, adab is “an aptitude which protects its owner from what that disgraces him (malakah ta‘sumu man qamat bi-hi ‘amma yushinu-hu)”.
Sharif al-Jurjani (d. 843/1413) formulated the definition of adab as “special knowledge that preserves one against all types of errors (ma‘rifatun ma yuhtaraz bi-hi ‘an jami‘ anwa‘ al-khata’)”.

As there are limits which have been prescribed through revelation by God (hududullah), the same Shah Abd al-Haqq al-Dihlawi’s Risalah Hilyat al-Nabi also defined adab as ri‘ayah hadd kull shay’: “guarding the limit of each and every thing”.

Adab, as special knowledge, as the food and life of the soul, is to be approached by means of lofty conduct. This knowledge, which makes the soul alive, is the content of education.

If education is a process of civilization, ta’dib is more than qualified to play the civilizing role among the people. As mentioned in al-Talwih, instilling adab refers to “refinement of ethics and amelioration of habits (tahdhib al-akhlaq wa islah al-‘adat)”.

Tuesday January 5 2010


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FeediN the Society's Mind

yeah, do you cope with the way the society you live in defined "better"? is being you is better than being him/her? OR is bein him/her better than bein you?

for me.i always defined better as compare myself with my previous self during previous years with the present self. so there are better n worse things. i would love to compare myself with others but believe me, comparing myself with others never made me feel better but rather worse. you know why?
because i always view others' life as better than mine. one gud thing is i dont look at others' bad thats the reason i hate to compare.

this time i'm going to talk about single hood in my society. to give "better" explanation about it according to my"rotten" dictionary.
let see, as a female adult in a society where marriage is viewed as an achievement..i always left with feelin less better. truth is i'm tired of these courting games..
"my name is....i have..siblings..i think the world should be more clean if we start recycling" hahahahah
then i will start to bore my dates with the green house effect and of course most of the topic revolves around global issues. which left guys they cant lie to me about that. i could easily detect their uneasiness by looking at their facial expression. well, that's what happens if i try too hard to be normal...i will end up talking abnormally about paranormal topics..then i was labeled as "she thinks she's all that". yes..i'm all that craps you can think a good way of course.

wat do they expect? me talking about cooking? i like coOking but's just wat we do to live. almost all people do it. i never been good in it. so-so only. gardening? believe me...talkin to plants is my expertise..just that they dont listen to me THAT much. children? i dont have to show off how good i am with those muchkins. i do read children's more like a child myself sometimes. do they want me to make a public announcement that I'm not against polygamy? get a not goin to preach about how good i am?..dont have to. dont want to.

so put iT this way...i'm not against courting but there are times in my life i feel like takin a break from those games..its like rewinding a tape.. the introduction side again and again. or to be more high tech conscious...i should perhaps takin ipod with me n just play the recorded mp3 on "myself" while i could do some other thing else like eating..drinking..or just excuse myself to the ladies till the recorded voice done.

mmm...some will fall in love with me in less than 2 seconds..thinking that i'm such a goddess...funny!...some wish that they never met she-thinks-she's-smart lady like me. their lost anyway!

i had such conversation with my prof as many times as i could recall where she kept on saying again and again about how could a person like me still single?and how she wish she has someone decent to introduce to me...hahahaha..if she gave me rm10 every time she's making this statement. i'll be rich by least motivate me to set appointment with her more often. but nil.. i rather settle for good discussion about my research so that she stays quiet about my life. which rarely happened.

yes..she thinks i'm cool...a package...watever!
if i'm a package..i'm sure a heavy one and the more weight..the extra cost..lousy idea but kindda like it.

then she started to ramble about :
guys wanted a smart lady as a partner but yet need her to act stupid in front of him.
a career lady but must be able to handle all domestic matters...perfectly!
must look as beautiful as miss universe but not given any personal allowance for beautification..tough!!!!

yes..i once rejected a guy who proposed to me because i have secure job..why? i hate workin and im supposed my husband should provide me the financial stability not me for him. i always dream being a Queen in a Palace of my own :)
  • "You are smart, have a good secure job" are stupid and have an insecure job..take a hike!
  • "'ll look better if you wear braces..." again ..past
  • "how do you get the job in your devison?" question please?..
  • " research is never done in the country before" go back and apply it in your blue planet.
  • "Even prophet Muhammad was younger than Siti Khadijah". Clear are not Him and i'm not Her.
  • "i saw you 3 times walking around the campus. could we get married tomorrow?"..wat the.....
  • "wat car are you driving now?" none of ur bisnes!
  • "i heard you could easily apply for loan nowadays" NO thx..i dont want you even F.O.C !
  • "whose turn to pay this time?" yours..yours...and always yours
  • "I like tall girl". I hate short guy
  • " you should lower your expectation" yes..and i think you should find someone suits u...;0
  • "do you cook everyday" i have cooks to cook for me (in various restaurants)
  • "please accept my proposal, if not i'll take the pill" let me add liquid pesticide for you to drink with.
  • "see..i love you so just that my family has arranged me to marry my brother's friend's sister's grandma's uncle's son's daughter's cousin's niece's grandpa's father's sister-in-law's mother's neighbour's teacher's best friend's cat's little sister". i guess i could never been accepted in the "HeLLo kitty" clan after all :(
  • "dont worry they are just flings..i'll definitely marry you" DUSH!!!!! a punch on the face..and DUSH!!!...another one!

okay..okay i'll stop listing the "says" said by the males.

twice my dear friend Sam said how do i feel to still stay single when others who are unglier (i dint say that..he did!) are happily married? married..i agreed but happy is too personal for me to evaluate. i was like telling him...SHUT UP!!!! what's ur point? as if you r married..he probably says..i'm different...come to think of it. yes..he's life is far more complicated than mine..better i regard him as a "lady" friend giving ladies' advice.

if i wanted to get married i must have done it last 10 years. i must have half dozen of children by now..happy? mmmm....not sure. could at least try.

so what ever it is..i just want to be happy...if im single..a happy single...married..happily married
being happy is the most important thing in life..

its not my fault for unsuccessfully fit in the stereotype in the society. I fail in feedin people's mind with all those "junks" beliefs about's not my fault if i chose not to end up sharing my precious happy life with a jerk. Yes..some probably will say that i couldnt make it through in the love department so i need to show that i'm successful in the career department. mmm....not that i need to show but since i dont have such what else should i do instead of WORK & HAVE FUN!!!!

call me fragile...weak..vulnerable..i always believe that it's important to make my own judgment in matter like this. people will be happy to see me getting married but will be they be there if i'm sad?
they'll laugh :0 with me but i doubt they'll cry :( with me too.

i normally dont bother those comments given by others but when some close friends said's a bit of hell since i always think they always regard me as a person not just "all-i-want-to-do is-to-get married" individual. Friends and Family are my strengths..without them, i'm lost

if people think that i'll be better if im married..that's merely their personal opinion and i should respect that. however, when they go overboard..i should learn ways to cut their words short.

Are people talking about marriage as a spiritual communion of two people or purely the physical part of it?..shall i spell the S word? duh!!!

better or not ......i never fit in the "typical"society of i wish to live somewhere else...yes..but not because of wat others said but because i always feel awkward no matter where i it wouldnt be much problem for me to fit in foreign country because i'm always "foreign". since i'm always foreigner so might as well i go and travel the world :) make a good use of it.

what could be worse than feelin foreign in your own country although being a foreigner in a foreign country will never be better..but you can always say "I am a foreigner" that will make excuses easier whenever people are staring at you ..or failed to understand you...or defined you differently

a good and long sigh should be this way
life goeeeeeeeeessssssssss onnnnnnnn.....

  • full stop (only when you are dead)

An Adventure of The GreeN ALieN

The Man in the Astronaut suit greeted me this morning. wow, wat a peculiar Tuesday. there he was in front of my office complex..wearing a complete white armour suit, head covered with bubbled glass. there were words i couldnt understand. perhaps it's written in Russian. words of friendship maybe "WE COME IN PEACE"
LOL!!!!! it's the big screen in front of my parcel wit unclear p
rints (broken)....
what a good day to start with..yes..Outer Space is my
theme for today and i'm.....I AM THE GREEN ALIEN driving in my green spaceship...

  • Me in my green spaceship bought with my first salary

work was okay today..i finally managed to almost complete writing my report in my native language. yes the ToKoToko language. a language i yet to familiar after being stigmatized with human language all this while. See, i was injected with human thoughts for almost 20 years...meaning i think like human, eat like them, live , breathe like them...the tiny capsule flew into my blood and multiplied in just 2 seconds.

i was human except that my skin still eyes are still black with no eyelids. i had to cover my sensitive eyes from harmful rays. luckily it was a trend to wear big sunglasses. yes..i was walking down the street Paris Hilton's way with my big Ray-Ban( of course imitation). the GReenO Planet Government gave a very minimum allowance for sunglasses since we're allow to opt for laser treatment. it was not my thing at all. i always like my eyes and of course it's my dream to have the Paris Look except that i was a lil bit greener...okay!more green. the greenest creature in my faculty. Somehow, my green is more like jade green. believe me..

  • Paris Hilton in green resembled me a just that i'm EXTRA green

there was other green alien sent to earth on a mission. he is greener than me. I swear he is the Greenest Alien i ever met. He's Bright STRIKING Green and the best part was he glowed in the dark. The city was so much "glowing" with him around. He was not in my faculty though.he was in the maths faculty doing some really serious calculation as i was sent to the language faculty to understand the human psycholinguistics phenomenon AAarrgh..i never was a big fan of numbers anyway except money $$$$..
the hilarious part is, i heard he even cooked green rice. talking about being human...hahahaha.LOL...what a funny alien! he wore odd green stripped tshirt but fortunately he chose brown car instead. perhaps he was trying
to cover his "green identity" but this male alien with a charming "green attitude" melted many earth ladies' hearts leaving them heartbroken afterwards since we were not meant to be permanently resided in that filthy human planet. we were there on a help creating greener earth but we were not 100% successful since human continue to destroy the earth. was time for us to come home...

  • Méreeno showing peace sign before departed to Greeno Planet for good
  • this photo was taken after he drank a pot of jasmine green tea
(told u, he glowed in the dark and i believe he still does)

Now, back to my adventure. gosh! it was really polluted there on earth and now i guess, it will be worse. i'm glad to be back in my planet...seeing green all around...eating the freshest green vegetables...drinking the purest green tea from organic tea leaves. No black or white tea is our healthy beverage. i am blessed living in a decaf society where detox is a way of life.. Not just that, there are green mountains, green plants and the best of all we have green roses...amazing!!!

  • a photo of a BLOOMing Green Rose taken from my backyard

of all the greenly things we dont have green sea but blue sea just like on earth except that our blue is more pure, some kind of turquoise. i love the fact that we have refreshing seasons. not too cold winter and less extreme summer. the air is fresh, you could almost smell the grass...Best of all, no harmful UV need to apply thick sunscreen onto my skin. i used SPF120 waterproof sunscreen when i was there last 2 years. the news said, nowadays, it takes more than SPF200 sunscreen lotion to protect human skin.

to be continued....