Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everyone smiles in the same language

I got up late as usual. 8. 30 Am. had my breakfast and I stuff my tummy with two cups of coffee with milk or shall I say milk with coffee and munched the cookies. Then I went around the house, checking what the ladies were cooking and chatted to them with what-ever-words. The weather was super nice, sunny and with some wind. There were cous cous and cous cous and cous cous everywhere. The sheep was all gone to into the pot. Some children were sitting nearby the ladies hoped to be given some cooked lamb. They were successful. yes, withh those small pitiful eyes... And me? I refused it and said that I would it later with guest. Yes, I started to feel nervous. The lamb did give a strong smell. After “chatting” to them I decided to make a tour around the house’s compound. Sunny day best enjoyed on the roof. I climbed the stairs with my camera on my hand. There were the girls + a boy joking with each other. The youngest, Amal started to say something which of course I dint understand J so I took their photo. Amal as usual the clown of the family and she always know how to pose funny faces for my lense.

After a few circle around the yard plus the ups and downs the stairs, trying to be busy, I had to admit that I was not busy at all. I just had nothing to do. They dint let me to do anything, well not exactly but i couldnt find things i could do. it was 11 am, my sis in law, halimah asked me to go inside and started to "get ready". I was really excited to wear the new jubbah, the present from Baba which I had difficulties in finding the right size. suddenly i felt like i was in Malaysia, digging the stores' stocks for suitable size. that day, I spent the whole afternoon in Rouiba and Regaya just to look for XXL jubbah that pleased me. I had the eyes for violet this time, so I got mine a violet jubbah with elaborated beads and a pair of shoes two sizes smaller.

After being given permission by HoneyStar, I asked my sis in law for make up as I dint bring mind since I was thinking that it’s such a hassle to take it along and I only going wear it for once. My o my, her make up collection is more than me. She helped me to apply light shade on my face. Finally I did the finishing touch since I was a little bit horrified with the thoughts of having my face painted with the thick Arab make up style. Alhamdulillah, I only put some eye shadow and neutral colour lipsticks. i ended up looking like me :)

By 12pm, the guest started to show up, they are mostly relatives. So here again, me receiving enormous hugs and kisses. I was more than happy to be introduced to my husband’s friend’s wife who could actually speak English. So there were us getting to know each other, sharing stories. And then, it’s time to eat the “lamb cous cous”...arggghh I couldn’t. Time to look for my prey. Yes! Yusuf, my nephew was nearby. I made a cue for him to approach me. He was a little bit hesitate since the children were not supposed to disturb the adult eating. Luckily his mother was nearby and I asked her permission to give my “lamb” to him. She took the “lamb” and put it on another plate and asked Yusuf to follow her to the back. I was so relief. I finished my cous cous and the vegetable served with the soup. I like cous cous and had lamb cous cous before but this time, I just couldn’t stand it.

Honestly, by 3pm...I started to feel hungry again. I was telling myself to hold on since we will have the coffee break soon. I LOVE the espresso with warm fresh milk…yummy and I could say that there will be lots of cookies. I saw many guest brought all types of cookies...there were makrot, liled, charade, of course baklava and others which I don’t even know the name. At 4, the coffee and cookies were ready and I had two cups of coffee with milk and 4 cookies. Gosh...i was starving!

The guest began to excuse themselves and the family left one by one. The chicken now could rest peaceful in the chicken coop since the boys were gone. Only my nephew who continued to run around the house, climbing the fig tree. The day end soon...the ladies were done with the cleaning. We sat together in the “saloon” and unwrapped the gifts; I was busy taking the photos of it. Too bad we couldn’t take all of it back. I decided to give them to the family. I only took the jubbah, headscarf and of course the cash

Before I went to sleep, I turned to HoneyStar and said “terima kasih abang, I am very happy”. He smiled and replied “Wa ana kazaliq”. A start of another multicultural family and language doesn’t seem a barrier. Everyone smiles in the same language. And the “lamb” is not much of problem after all.

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