Friday, June 28, 2013

no more cry..

i just need to announce it to the world..LittleStar doesnt cry when i put him in his crib anymore....took us 15 nights to actually stop hearing his cry..
unfortunately he still waking up every 2 hours for feeding :( and end up sleeping next to me because i was falling asleep while feeding him..just wish that he will sleep longer i dont have to wake up and pick him from his crib anymore..feeding him while siting doesnt seem a good idea at the moment . perhaps i should just cherish this moment..yes, as if i have any other option...biberon is a NO NO..sucette  just not his favourite too.


  1. U will miss this moment later on ;) Bagusnya dah ok dalam crib, better for later, my lil monster till now tak suka her own bed sebab dulu I give up bila dia duk nangis jer dalam crib. Heishhh doh nok wak guano hehhee

    1. cant imagine when is the "later on"..tonight he cried again for half an in another room, trying to ignore him..then the father picked him up..recite some surah..he's quiet now but i dont dare to check on him..afraid that he will cry more after seeing me....

      GOMO KELATE GOMO (selingan skit)

      JJ tido tok buas tak po..cik awe nih..duo tigo kali jatuh bawoh lembek..tok jenoro tido mok dio (hahahah..yo ko?)

  2. Hahhaa JJ tok buah lagu mano nyo sebesar2 katil conquer ko dio sore.

    Btw nak wish Selamat Hari Raya to u and family. Hope u guys have a good one ;);)

  3. Selamat hari raya nas and jj and abe...sori lambat wish..i raya sakan..first time as housewife...bantai 2 minggu kt kelate..
    Aduh...projek tido ni ado ore heavily drugged with flu pill masa i did the trainning..ingat senyap lepas ayah ngaji rupa2nya tido celah ketiak dia..hahaha...kena tukar tajuk post LET'S GET LOUD...for Now trainer lum bersedia