Monday, October 5, 2009

44 pairs of SHOES

no kidding! my saturday night was a heaven (wink*wink*) to make it perfect...i had the most intriguing dream ever. yes! i dreamt that i had 44 pairs of shoes. what could that mean? meaning that i will have 44 pairs...or perhaps it's time to ditch all those worn off and broken shoes..and bought another 10 pairs or more? am i a shopperholics? a compulsive shopper? No..not at all. it just that i have this soft spot for named it, flat shoes, high heels, mary jane, canvas, trainers, thongs, flipflos, open toe, kitten heels, boots...i have almost all

why ladies are labeled as a compulsive shopper? why cant term like active consumer is used? after all, we are contribute generous percentage to economy globally. RITE? RITE!

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