Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life is Not aLL aBouT WinninG

why am i saying this? honestly because i think i never won in anything. never been good in competition. never got full marks. never got the 1st place. so..since i never won, does it meant i never lost as well? to not compete means that i neither win nor loose. is it a good thing? well, it depends. some people perform better in a "competition" while others are not. it's like having a pressure to win..for me, i work better with less pressure. takes things easy...saying "i'll get there soon". do i need others to set a goal for me. NOPE! i might not be 100% reliable in setting goals but hey, it's my life, i do get to choose my way..of course with god's will but none other than that.

being to be born with a not-so-competitive nature has pros and cons, especially when surrounded by all those wannabes in dogs eat dogs world. oh well, there's a possibility that i'll be eaten. have to make sure that although i'm not winning..i'll not be eaten..alive!

so this morning when Bintang told me i'm a winner..i kindda jabbed about it thinking that he's always a Jabber who never let me win even in a Snake and Ladder game. huh! Bulan..always win..am I? everytime i lose i'll hope that i'll lose wisely :P

ironically i dont view myself as a winner, not even as a player. but one thing for sure i always try my best..yes MY BEST which could be others' worst..since i'm not competing with others, i'm pretty happy with that.

it's just like pleasing people. if you feel oblige to please people, well..stop doing it. Pleasing others should make you feel pleased too. making people happy should make you happy too. those basic principles work on me. come to think of it, dont you feel pleased seeing them happy? hearing those laughters? looking at their smiles? or even knowing that they are smiling when reading your SMS? i'm strongly against winning people's heart..i rather say..pleasing people's mind

so what if they dont make you happy as you did to them? love is to be given ...not to expect any returns... dont worry if you'll make a person happy and it turn me that he/she makes you the other way around...believe me. there will be others who'll pleased you. So go on..make others happy..make the world smiles with you. go and make suprises!

yes..i love suprises..as much as giving them too...i love the thrill of it..planning and hidding it....till it's time to say SUPRISE!!!!! just imagine those lovely excited eyes...big smiles...adrenalin rush..perhaps i should put my ears on the person chest and hear the heartbeat....just to justify if it beating faster or just at normal rate..

only then i could say "I won!" yes winning those precious smiles, glaring eyes..or if you are lucky enough..you'll get some hugs and kisses as well...dint mean in lusty kindda way..ahhahahaha

ok..Bulan might be winning but she refuses to be awarded with trophy.

"Life is not all about winning...it's about gainning (unlikely about gainning weight..i hope!)"

to be a winner takes a lot of effort..guess im settling down with being a wise loser...what's the point of winning if you are unaware with the purpose of doing things...to be no 1 doesnt mean that you are the best..

go on trying...it's the process of getiing to something is the most important..no matter if you win or lose.

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  1. Checklist:
    1)Big Smiles=checked
    2)Glaring Eyes=checked
    3)Confused yet excited face=checked
    4)Fast beating Heartbeat=checked