Monday, November 23, 2009

Just another Manic Monday.. GenDer EqualiTY


it's monday..yup a day after Sunday. my head hurts..not really. why do i need work? instead of making money..why do i work? part from getting the cash to spend..perhaps just to satisfy my "not-so-empty brain". or maybe i dont know what to do instead of working..just go with the flow...just follow the crowd..the truth is i would rather stay at home baking cupcakes to a bunch of hungry lil monkeys. would it be "trendy" enough to do in this millennium? will i be laughed or teased? the long as i have money supplier..that'll be fine.

Me, too young to be suffereing from the hots flushes of menopause.. still unattached..but already tired with all the craps in life. would it be cool enough to stay at home? running errands for a house full of dinosaurs? feedin them..changing the toilet bowl? perhaps people might mistaken me as the well-fed maid workin for the Barney's family. truth is..ladies are trying to run along in a male marathon and tryin to prove that they're equal.. yes..shouting the Gender Equality SLogan..

Apparently, in RealiTy we can never be equal...well, it doesn’t mean that we are weak but even better. We, ladies should be treated as princess due to our “weak” nature. Men are supposed to protect us, guide us, and lead us. Sadly, when ladies are so much engrossed in “gender equality”, Men are taking advantages. Yes, they could just probably say that, “Hey, you want equality? Come and get it”. Here we are, ladies…cheering words of triumph...hip hip hooray! Men are letting go their responsibility. Ladies become the breadwinner of the family while men rather become stay-home-dad...or shall I say “stay-home-dead” There goes the story of a so much demanded gender equality. Ladies in men's world while men couldn’t careless if they are in the World or Outer Space... as long as they could still contribute to breed human nation. Life revolves around watching soccer, eating chips with high sugar content drinks..enough to make them as active as a weasel. Active messing the house and "you-know-what-i meant"…

Is this what we need? So much of gender the end of the day...all worn out after long working hours. We, ladies come back to a hell rather than home. I guess it will be a never ending disagreement...

So men, giving ladies freedom doesn’t mean giving them "doomed-for-free" but should be
"free-from-doomed". enough of philosophy on a rather so-so day...
I believe men should be the men of the house and ladies…just accept that we can never be equal to men. Take it as we are their backbones..positioned at the back of the body but important. we compliment them..making them better. Hey, two heads are better than one...or it could be negatively interpreted..Two Heads are messier than one. There are things that we better let them do. Being their left hand doesn’t mean weakness but making a family constitution stronger. It’s not a yes-no relationship but a rather more diplomatic one. Go on, who cares if you breed like a bunny rabbit, cook a gigantic pot of soup for dinner, nearly drowned in piles of dirty the end you are the one who are mature enough to differentiate if it is an act of care or an act of abuse..

Whatever status ladies are, there is no right for men to abuse us. We might be nerve wrecking at times’s just that we need lil extra attention or perhaps some kind of appreciation. oh perhaps..just blame our chaotic estrogen.

Those who know me might be thinking that what rubbish I’m writing since I am a career lady which never been in a “wife” or “mother” position. Yess..they probably saying..look who's talking!!! a marriage counselor who never been married..a relationship therapist who never succeed in relationship...hey a surgeon never conducted a surgery on his/her own body but still a proclaimed surgeon..duh!

oh well, I might be wrong in certain things...but being raised in a conservative family...having conservative parents...nurtured by conservative mother...disciplined by a conservative father...make me ME..A “please” person. I hope that I will never lose that “please” in me...wish to instill that in my children. I adorable it would be seeing 3 year old child sayin “Mama, could you please make me some milk”? Believe’s wonderful. I watched my 3 yr old niece saying it and hope to see more in the future. Perhaps…later I could claim that it runs in the genes. CouLd it Be?

some of my married siblings chose to tone down the "conservative" style we used to be brought up in raising their's up to them. i cant say that i'm 100% an avid believer of conservative way of life..but i do believe in discipline and saying "Yes Sir" in certain situation. the point is...a good leader is needed..shall i spell M.A.N with quality of course :)

i guess that's, rambling about my next time..dont let me rant..i might end a simple matter with far more complicated'll be sorry

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