Friday, October 15, 2010

The Hokey Pokey Crunchie and Long Waiting Whittakers :)

Tuesday morning was kindda draggy. my new day in the new office and my Super weight gain..mmm
i needed to move my junks again..this time to the new partition my boss assigned me. the former officer already left. i looked at the big box under the table..and guess what? i found the updated list of phone numbers and Whittakers Almond Gold. who could it be? yes, after a long wait i finally get to taste it wee and suddenly my "scale nightmare" faded..hahah

what could be better? after a bar of hokey pokey crunchie...a bite of mini whittakers wont's been 11 years since i tested it :) later i could start my diet in such guilty crave and lame excuses to make.

time to take up the 10kg challenge..ooch

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