Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Have Moved To Sahara Desert

me and My Honey Star having a rest while our camel was securely parked in front of our home :)
my brain is goin empty..first i couldnt decide what to write for the title of my entry..i am moving..i move..finally i have moved. grammar knowledge is getting bad. so much of information and writing report done in Bahasa. i think my Bahasa improved less than 1% yet my English is getting worst. just a year in this totally clueless..hey how am i supposed to start my phd..i mean, couldnt do a Bahasa based research and English is just right 'subject" and making me having more "opportunity" to join the Saharan's clan.
wait...i need to learn Arabic, so totally excited to be multilingual. can you being able to read more books and the best thing is i could understand cool can it be? much more cool than climbing mount Everest.
gotta go..glad to know that i do have this touch of "nonsensically" writing skill..even after being hitched by a Green Alien :P

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