Saturday, December 4, 2010

no more hokey pokey dance

yup..true enough. i barely have time to have dinner at home let alone dance :( i was away for 5 days then back for the weekend and was away again for another five days..but then i managed to sneak out and arrive home by 9 again early next week i'll be away again for 6 days..2 days for HoneyStar's family day and 4 days for a mission in Borneo. this time I will drag HoneyStar with me. kindda happy to know that my supposed-to-be 3 days away after coming back from Borneo will be postponed. however, the chance for it to fit in HoneyStar's schedule is low...meaning he might not be able to tag alone.

for now, i would rather stay at home during weekend. doing piles of laundry from A to Z...baking some cookies..doing house chores..catching up with my sleep :) and BEST of all..being around HoneyStar.

i guess that's it..some lil updates..i do have lots of things to write but feeling not in the mood and sleepy..

good night zzzzzz


  1. which part of borneo r u going?????


  2. Miri & Limbang..not Kuching unfortunately :(
    i like traveling but traveling for work is NOT FUN

  3. aiyaaaa, but its ok
    bdw dnt forget to try laksa sarawak n mee kolok