Monday, December 13, 2010

what a Weird-DO

I just came back from 4 days work in Borneo...and I was tagged by Farsilla in Borneo...mmm...that’s a weird start. So these are the weird things about me...or shall I say extraordinary things?
  1. I like to dream. I dream anywhere, in the meeting. During exams, watching TV...etc. I ’m a professional who need to talk serious’s boring! So I end up having “colourful” imagination while meeting. I hate getting caught up dreaming. My notes always have this cute stickman doodled on …hahaha. Sometimes I feel like a child. 30s outside but 3 inside.
  2. I don’t talk that much except to those I’m really close. Too much occupied with my dreamsSss, perhaps.
    I like the taste of left over fried chicken kept overnight in the fridge. I’ll eat it straight away without reheating it back...yummy
  3. I prefer bread or pasta over rice (this is weird if you are in my country, where the staple food is RICE)
  4. I don’t wear any make-up on my wedding day.
  5. I like being on the top of the “world”...taking flights, lookout points, tall buildings...the higher the better...but never been the top in the class. I guess that answers my reason for having such fetish.
  6. Maths exam always a nightmare for me. Yes, literally! Every time I am in a problem, dilemma, sadness...I’ll get that dream. I often dream that I’m in an exam hall...doing math test and the worst is...I failed the entire test L last night I had it too. My mark was 49%. Crazy! Come to think again. It’s a good achievement. Another 1 mark and I’ll get 50%. perhaps life is not so much worrisome anymore. I have a buddy to share and listen to me.
  7. I stuttered many many times. I mumbled a lot too. Cute enough but could be disastrous if I’m presenting something in front of other officers.
  8. I’m good in neither my 1st nor my 2nd language. I tend to mix my language whenever I speak.
  9. I like fancy stationary and cute notepads.
  10. I used to drink more than 3L water a day. I’ll bring my water tumbler here and there a lot. Can you imagine a lady carrying a super huge water tumbler around? LOL. Now I’m drinking less since I work in an air-conditioned office and its freezing cold. Have to force myself to drink more.
  11. I couldn’t stop myself from buying books...again and again.
  12. I don’t like wearing jewelry except my wedding ring.
  13. All my watch, clock..are 5-10 mins earlier.

The list will be miles if I don’t stop listing. All that I could say...i am an official Weirdo. My friend used to tell me, “You are such a don’t belong here”. So what I did was, packed my bag and went to search for my clan.. I wandered around for 3 years. Unfortunately, I dint find anyone quite like me.
There were times I’m feeling that I don’t belong anywhere. I just couldn’t fit in with others. Always have my own way of things. I do respect others but I don’t feel the need to change to fit in. I just like to go my own way…doing my own thing. Finally, I am lucky enough to meet someone who accept the “WEIRD” me.
Each of us was born different and this make the world a more interesting place to live. Am I right or RIGHT?

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  1. dear dear i hve sumthing 2 ask. if u dnt mind can u gve me ur email?