Friday, February 18, 2011

SECRET no more

Hey, how are you? How’s your day? Every time I met her, she always has something to say. It seems that nothing “disables” her nothing “impaired” her. She works next door; we share same entrance, same restroom, and same lift. I bumped into her mostly in the restroom. As usual, she greets me with the most cheerful voice ever. I adore her; she was the first one to ask my name. Shame on me, I never cared to start a “friendship”. “Bulan” I said…and you? What should I call you? Ras. From that moment I registered her name as Ras in my brain. Could it be Rasidah? Rasilah? It doesn’t matter. She is a friend.

One hungry afternoon, I was about to have my lunch. I saw my staff and quickly joined her. I was alone, the cafeteria was crowded and I have no problem in sharing a table with others. It’s good to catch up. Ras was there there were three of us. Sitting down, chatting, and munching the food down the throat. Ras was wearing a corporate shirt with a word “RAHSIA” embroidered neatly on the left side. “What organization is that?” silly me, I dint mean anything bad. I forgot that we normally tag our name on the left side. She started to make joke about being a secret. Yes, Rahsia means secret in Bahasa Malaysia. I stopped asking and we changed topic. The days after went like usual. She’s as bubbly as any other day.

Lately I’ve been going to her unit a lot, discussing my project with her boss since we have a new collaboration. I passed by her desk all the time. R.A.H.S.I.A. her name is Rahsia. She is Secret. People would quickly make assumption why she’s named Secret. I did the same.
Somehow, I learn things from her. It doesn’t matter how we looked like, how we sound like. It is us who make how others see us and how they hear us. We are the one who “disable” our own physical ability. We are the one who impaired our own speech. Allah create us equally, be grateful for who we are and what we have.

That’s the story of my friend, Rahsia. She is definitely a secret no more. I could hear her from a block away;)

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