Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a Year Less in LiFe

It’s been awhile since I last wrote a post. 2011 starts and I have things to plan, balancing work and family. I always wanted to be a better person both at work and home. However, I couldn’t organize my life neatly. Now, I have to be focus. ..Yes, who wouldn’t want to get the best employee award and at the same time winning a perfect wife badge. Simple house chores seem to be a big thing. It is good enough if I could squeeze in washing, ironing, cooking, mopping, cooking, and scrubbing on working days. Life could be crappy on certain days…I end up not looking after myself. Gained piles of weight and looking all scrumpy. I wish I will always look like an adorable princess for HoneyStar but unfortunately I often end up like the “red queen” in Alice in Wonderland. There were times; I’m worried about my own capability to juggle life and career. Everyone is not perfect but I dream of being a perfect person. Perhaps I need to stop all these nonsense ideas and be the best I can be. My “best” could be “worst” to others but...it’s me...my life. I want to enjoy life and be with my love ones. I love working but there’ll be time when I need to consider other possibility.

Work is ok. This year I am delighted to lead a research. I am totally eager to learn although the thoughts of completing it in 6 months bother me. I’m just scared…somehow, it’s a relief to know that my mentor has a good reputation and the best Guru in the field. My team members are all supportive and been helping me to gain information on the subject. This could be the only chance for me to challenge myself to the fullest in career. I think I’ll appreciate all these experience later even though my life could change 360 degrees.

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”

My father named me “SUCCESS” and Insyallah I will be SuccessfuLL


  1. Hmm...reading your post seem to put me in same situation like you..nt good in house chores or study but...always dream to be perfect.

  2. dont worry..we are learning. insyallah we'll be better. alhamdulillah i'm coping with life well. i plan and manage my time..:)