Friday, March 18, 2011

Waayyy Too FickLe FriDay

It’s Friday...we have longer lunch hour. I dint know where to go and what to do. I went to the next block and did some window shopping and grabbed a fridge cover that I’ve been looking for.

Tomorrow is Saturday. Couldn’t think of anything interesting to do except some serious cleaning and scrubbing around the house. Just the same routine which I haven’t really follow lately. Of course I wanted to go out and do some sight seeing but with this kind of weather I prefer to stay indoor than burning myself under the Waayy too hot sun. My idea of relaxing is to sleep the whole day and only wake up for meals. Aahh...impossible, unless I’m dead I have tons to do and I hate doing the chores on weekdays. next week i will be doing the "hokey pekey" dance again. yes, im not going to office! going for pilot study around the district i'll be back around to nag my HoneyStar :P

Life is okay...there’s sunshine but sometimes the clouds just appear out from nowhere...and gosh I hate that days. Work is so-so. The office politics really make me Waaayy too sick...then on tuesday I was really sick . Had light fever and bitten by anonymous flu bug which I end up drugged almost every night. so it's a "blue" week for me. I managed to decline n asignment out of the town this time after giving much thoughts about it. hey i got my work schedule. i did go for my asignment to Sarawak last time. so now, it's someone else's turn. she agreed to take it since last 2 weeks..suddenly she changes her mind just because her best friend was not going. how selfish could it be! yes..the best friend IS my Boss and even worse I AM new. who cares? i just going to put a straight face and say NO. couldnt be bother with the flight ticket provided..send me a private jet and i go :)Yes, I was...i mean I am pretty much pissed off with my seniors. Better keep my tongue tied and just do my work. Now since I’m illigible to apply for a post in the colleges, I’ll do that a.s.a.p. nice to be able to hop to a new environment. Of course the adapting process will be challenging. My current job is amazing, others are fighting to get this position but I guess it’s not my cup of tea at all...well..just a bit. i couldnt lie about my interest. but with these waaayyy too fickel minded people who dont practise what they preech, i started to think of other options.

Doing research is good but teaching is Waayy too great. However I couldn’t imagine myself going back to schools. Not until the whole system be “washed”. What could be worse than going to “useless” courses on weekends...okay, enough of my blabbering. From now I just take life as it is. Just imagine me giving a “sidekick” to thosewho are making my life miserable.

Next story, my weight gain is wayyyyyy unhealthy. I gained 10 kg in 6 months. I wonder where the mistake is. Okay let me list down…I was eating anything I ever want, too much of sweet stuff, lack of exercise, long hours of hibernation, double meals. Wait, I have better explanation, I could not resist from my own cook. I was cooking way to GOOD...hahaha (giving my head a knock…yeah right!) the constant travel and staying in hotels making me stuffing myself with…whatever.

homecooked meal is wonderful but eating excessive bread is plumping me. i love bread so much, more than rice or pasta. the best part is, i am destined to marry a bread-eater. too much carbs. i'm like a bun with extra dose of yeast.

So last 2 weeks...i decided, enough is enough. I have reached the heaviest moment in my life and my cholesterol level is not looking good. Still below the "dangerous" line but I rather take early precaution. So here am i...eating lightly. I avoid the oily food and sweet snacks. The calorie count is actually helping. I’m trying to consume 1200 calorie per day and 30 minutes of exercise. I better make full use of my bigest investment so far by buying the cross trainer. I’m happy with the result. Slow but there’s always progress. better make it permenent.

I tried the cabbage soup but couldn’t hold on to it. Wayyyy too little food and made me tired and I have flu since Monday. i'm sick of the cabbage soup and guess what, my favourite day is the "banana" day...other days I felt like my brain stops thinking will eat healthily and keep on watching my calorie. NO MEAL after 5. Fruits are okay. Hey, I’m not going to starve myself...i wont, never will. I just want to be healthy.

Next, I’m counting my days to take a month break! Yes, no kidding! i am Waayyy too excited. I’ll be traveling across the continent and it’s good to know that I don’t have to be annoyed with those people-who-can-never-shut up.News travels really fast. I just submitted a permission letter to travel oversea and by the next day...everybody was talking about it. Some even thought that I already gone (I was on sick leave for a day). since when they care! I say...perhaps 15 hours flight wont be bad after all.

Another 40 minutes before lunch time ends. So better stop now and browse through some recipes to cook. Yes, I’m SUCK in cooking and HoneyStar has to eat it anyway. Poor Love :P


  1. HAHAHAH SAME GOES To me. but i still cant resist myself from food -___-


  2. being fat-bulous is good but being healthy is better. i had my moment indulging those "forbidden food" way too much..gosh! i envy those who are born with "high-speed" metabolism :(