Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 More WeeKs

Last night HoneyStar reminded me “hey, do you realize that we’ll be taking a flight exactly this time on next 3 weeks?” yes..I am all excited but there are things holding me back from getting too excited... work. It’s really hectic. 12 respondents to the transcription...300 samples to choose, meaning I have to squeeze my eyes and look at the most suitable sample. Letters to send, phone calls to be made, instrument to be prepared….luckily my co-partner is leading and I’m eager to learn all these new stuff. My other team members are not on my sight. People are busy going here and there for few other researches... as for my own research? I haven’t received any comment from Boss and I think he has not read my proposal. Duh! How I’m supposed to present the proposal for approval to the panel before leaving. As I could conclude for the time being…my research will be on a month “vacation” an even worse, tag alone with me for the month that i'm suppose to be "free" from work. sure i'm going to miss the data analysis and poor Dr Reena with less one person to help. 3 weeks, I’ll be taking 6 flights, approximately 35 hours in total...welcome jetlag :( Sometimes I feel like saying ….please, I don’t want to fly to the respondents but flying is better than 8 hours drive elsewhere in the peninsular. housework is better with a lovely husband like mine which doesnt mind helping me in the kitchen and around the house. all i need to do is to reward him with Basboosa from now and then. perhaps i'll go back and prepare one today. insyallah
I am one Tired Lady

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