Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Adventure of The GreeN ALieN

The Man in the Astronaut suit greeted me this morning. wow, wat a peculiar Tuesday. there he was in front of my office complex..wearing a complete white armour suit, head covered with bubbled glass. there were words i couldnt understand. perhaps it's written in Russian. words of friendship maybe "WE COME IN PEACE"
LOL!!!!! it's the big screen in front of my parcel wit unclear p
rints (broken)....
what a good day to start with..yes..Outer Space is my
theme for today and i'm.....I AM THE GREEN ALIEN driving in my green spaceship...

  • Me in my green spaceship bought with my first salary

work was okay today..i finally managed to almost complete writing my report in my native language. yes the ToKoToko language. a language i yet to familiar after being stigmatized with human language all this while. See, i was injected with human thoughts for almost 20 years...meaning i think like human, eat like them, live , breathe like them...the tiny capsule flew into my blood and multiplied in just 2 seconds.

i was human except that my skin still green..my eyes are still black with no eyelids. i had to cover my sensitive eyes from harmful rays. luckily it was a trend to wear big sunglasses. yes..i was walking down the street Paris Hilton's way with my big Ray-Ban( of course imitation). the GReenO Planet Government gave a very minimum allowance for sunglasses since we're allow to opt for laser treatment. it was not my thing at all. i always like my eyes and of course it's my dream to have the Paris Look except that i was a lil bit greener...okay!more green. the greenest creature in my faculty. Somehow, my green is more like jade green. believe me..

  • Paris Hilton in green resembled me a lot..it just that i'm EXTRA green

there was other green alien sent to earth on a mission. he is greener than me. I swear he is the Greenest Alien i ever met. He's Bright STRIKING Green and the best part was he glowed in the dark. The city was so much "glowing" with him around. He was not in my faculty though.he was in the maths faculty doing some really serious calculation as i was sent to the language faculty to understand the human psycholinguistics phenomenon AAarrgh..i never was a big fan of numbers anyway except money $$$$..
the hilarious part is, i heard he even cooked green rice. talking about being human...hahahaha.LOL...what a funny alien! he wore odd green stripped tshirt but fortunately he chose brown car instead. perhaps he was trying
to cover his "green identity" but this male alien with a charming "green attitude" melted many earth ladies' hearts leaving them heartbroken afterwards since we were not meant to be permanently resided in that filthy human planet. we were there on a mission..to help creating greener earth but we were not 100% successful since human continue to destroy the earth. then...it was time for us to come home...

  • Méreeno showing peace sign before departed to Greeno Planet for good
  • this photo was taken after he drank a pot of jasmine green tea
(told u, he glowed in the dark and i believe he still does)

Now, back to my adventure. gosh! it was really polluted there on earth and now i guess, it will be worse. i'm glad to be back in my planet...seeing green all around...eating the freshest green vegetables...drinking the purest green tea from organic tea leaves. No black or white coffee...green tea is our healthy beverage. i am blessed living in a decaf society where detox is a way of life.. Not just that, there are green mountains, green plants and the best of all we have green roses...amazing!!!

  • a photo of a BLOOMing Green Rose taken from my backyard

of all the greenly things we dont have green sea but blue sea just like on earth except that our blue is more pure, some kind of turquoise. i love the fact that we have refreshing seasons. not too cold winter and less extreme summer. the air is fresh, you could almost smell the grass...Best of all, no harmful UV rays..no need to apply thick sunscreen onto my skin. i used SPF120 waterproof sunscreen when i was there last 2 years. the news said, nowadays, it takes more than SPF200 sunscreen lotion to protect human skin.

to be continued....


  1. Hey Bulan...u miss that Méreeno had green car 1st then when he integrated himself in the earth socity he changed to brown.... ;)

  2. hey Bintang...i donCt know about Mereeno's old car since his state is 12 light-years far from Najeeno's. i heard everything glows there ;P