Sunday, January 31, 2010

what should be done?

finally i have the courage to open the box which i used to store my old written journal from 2000-2004. i knew it was there all along but i chose to ignore it. there are too many details that i rather not remember. it's there...will always be there. i couldnt erase what had happened but i could pretend that i dont remember. of course i will always remember it but i rather store it deep down my mind and lock it.
i was thinking of destroying all of those. perhaps setting a campfire with all those journals...some sorts of celebration sayin..been there..done that or an expression of relief sayin..i went thru all those craps or an expression of denial sayin..i never wanted to recall all those details...
should i destroy it? should i keep it?
i think the best thing to do is to burn the seaside
i wouldnt even want to read it why keep it? i definitely dont want others to read and i'm sure that it's not goin to be published not even when i'm dead..."a Diary of a Wimpy Women" which can be purchased from the psychology department? no...i dont think so

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