Friday, August 27, 2010

HeLp..We are Dying!!!

honestly..that's what haunted me these few plants in the office are dying. it has not rained since last weekend. it was a very hot days for the past 7 days..yes, very the very hot days..i was away for a week for the PISA coding and left the key to the balcony to my fellow colleague. i left a tumbler full of water and to my surprise the tumbler was still full when i got back in the office on Monday.

there was my asthmatic colleague..telling me that he lost the key..what? okay, i was trying not to get panic. it should be i told him to keep on searching. he might accidentally take it home..after 3 days of constant nag at him..i finally gave up. i asked my office assistant, Mariam to look for spare key. she quietly whispered to me..the key is not missing Madam Rose has it. what? Mr Malek forgot to lock the door so Madam Rose locked it and took the key as well. i dint want to go and ask her straight away..okay, she wanted to play a game. so, i let her. after 5 days and there was no sign that she's giving the key back to me.

everyday i look at my plants with tears.. yes, no kidding i was crying..well, they are my babies. i plant them from seeds and was happy to see the flowers started to bloom. in fact, that what keeps me happy on such down days in the workplace. why couldnt people be more human? i just need to water the plant.

the office was freezing cold during last 5 days. i wonder why the maintenance failed to fix it. my flu is gone after me being absent from the office for 5 days. i doubt that it would go away so quick if still stuck in the office...yeah, had it for 2 weeks and boxes of tissues wasted. can you imagine it was like -10 in the office but 40 outside (okay..i might exaggerating it) but hey some of my colleagues had to put their gloves on..wearing sweater and wrapped shawl on their bodies. the latest one is..many of them have this electric hot water's funny. hey nobody wants to be frozen. my fingers were numb and i believe me. it was freaking cold! mr malek had a blanket with him keeping him warm and protected. he had a serious asthma attack last month and was admitted to ER...poor guy. i dont think it will be fun to see him having attack in the office especially when im around. it's going to be very scary..and sad to see someone gasping. i was by the bedside of two close people in my life while they were kidding, i dont want to see that anymore..

back to my plants..that's it! madam Rose was extremely busy today so i had no chance to bug her and demand the key back. it was almost 430pm..the sun still shinning bright. my plants. okay, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. i remembered the possibility of getting to the balcony from other way..the meeting room? they were having meeting at that time. so i dint want to wait to wait till they finished..which probably 530pm or 6pm. then...i had an idea..the documents room.. tadaa..yes the room which stores the old yellowish documents.

hahaha.. im in charged now.yes, i am the i have the keys. there is a window in the room and im quite positive that it only locked from the inside. there there was me..with a tumbler full of 2L water. hooray..i could open it.. so i took the chair and climbed out from the window..1 2 babies are drying, the soil cracked due to heat.. i generously poured the water on them..saying " be scared darling, mommy going to take care of you no matter how".

climbing back to the room was not easy when you are wearing a skirt..luckily the window is wide enough to fit the chair. i pulled the chair outside and climbed back for extra water and did the same again. hope the plants will be okay and it rain during these couple of days. perhaps i should do the nafl prayer and ask Allah to make it rain. to madam Rose, please dont let us frozen..and pity my plants. plants are important to us..they give us oxygen..need not to say more since she was a former science teacher and must be fully aware with the fact that we do need PLANTS to breathe.


mission accomplished :)
yes, Bulan with her crazy thoughts yet good intention

was my fave cartoon last time..i wonder do they still air it?
i am a captain planet wannabe..the problem is- there are no Planeteers around :(

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