Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Me, My HoneY StaR, a Wedding and 1000+ booklets to be coded

i'll be married to my Honey Star in less than a month..and been busy running here and there. both work and doing some preparation for the day. Alhamdulillah 90% are done. including the most challenging task..which is buying the wedding shoes. it always not easy to find suitable shoes for me..or shall i say it's easy since i only have limited store to get it: Pedal Works & Shuz in Isetan, Pedal Works main outlet in Subang, Clarks and Vincci + well, if i go for strappy heels, Pedal Works is a good choice but lately i settled for Clarks..easy pick any design and ask for size 8...surely fit me perfectly. the best thing is the Clarks outlet is just walking distance from my office so i could always browse through and mark it first...till the next pay day.

last sunday, me, Honey Star and Taheerah were all around the city looking for my wedding shoes. 4 malls..countless outlets..till Honey Star finally agreed that his "wife" is blessed with beautiful large feet. so..yes! we ended up in Clarks and bought a simple but sweet beige heels..plain but i might decorate it on my own..perhaps sticking some beads.i dont know. we'll see.
the wedding dress is ready, as well as Honey Stars'. i sent it for dry clean and hope to pick it this friday back from the "PISA CODING". i just need to buy buttons for Honey Star, candies for the gifts, new curtain for my room...and that's it...i think

my flu is almost gone and i got my teeth checked....yes, miss lazy to floss had to do filling for her tooth :P better get it done now before it gets worse..i dont want to be sick on my wedding day and of course for the holiday after that. just me, my Honey Star and Lots of LOVE
the invitation cards were nicely designed but the printer was not doing a good job. the cards turned all blurry..:( sadly, it's too late to get it reprinted...we had no choice but to send it anyway..the map to the wedding reception is still visible..i guess all be fine. what could be interesting than this..a surprising proposal, simple engagement, small party but HEAPS OF HAPPINESS!!!! it's going to be so much fun, two diversed culture, lots of food, friends, children running around and "gossip aunties"..hahahaha
now..im alone in the hotel room and be here till friday noon...hurgh..
my group is really fast and we finished ahead from others but we need to wait for others before moved to second stage. it was easy-peasy for me since i did the coding for the pilot study before. same questions, same answers but different students and waaaayyyy to many booklets.

I am a Bigfoot Cinderella and Yes I have found my Prince Charming :)


  1. i wish my future big day as bright as urs. sobs.

  2. InsyaAllah darling..you got to pray and work things out..inter-culture relationship needs many things to consider :)i'll pray for you

  3. thanks sis. im so in need of strength and support.