Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How Do You Pronounce his Name...?

im back in the office after a week away..and by the time i reached the elevator, i was asked "So, are you feeling all nervous for the big day?" i was just smiling..thinking, should i feel nervous?

obviously the news spread, good! that's my intention.
congratulation Bulan!Congrat Miss Bulan!
and i gave them a big smile..yes a big one that almost break my jaw.

that's lovely, then the question popped a gain " are feeling all nervous?" i replied " dont know, i'm just going to get married" weird..weird..weird. their questions do make me nervous..it's like do i have to get nervous? am i all right if i dont get nervous? sort of feeling guilty for not getting nervous.

  • so, who is the groom? A close friend of mine
  • how do you Pronounce his name? Z...again? I SAID Z....
  • where is he from? Outer space..the Greeno Planet
  • where on earth did you meet him? Yes, i met him on earth in the varsity to be precised..while we were doing our Master degree.
  • where are going to stay afterwards? Here! well, i dont feel the need to announce to them the "hijrah" that we are going to make later on..just my family know about it and that's fine to them.
  • Are you aware of the this kindda marriage? yes, i am fully aware of the inter-species relationship. we are the same, except that i dont speak his native language, i dont cook his traditional cuisine, i dont know his culture, i dont like maths, i dont play sport, i dont understand French, i dont like winter..etc..others than that we are the SAME
  • you have to make sure that he doesnt control you? it depends sometimes i do need to be controlled. NO he doesnt tell me DOs and DONTs. He guides me on the RIGHTs and WRONGs which i gladly accepted.
  • You should teach him our culture..Yes, he is fully aware of MY CULTURE..and that's the most important culture. my culture might not compliment others'..
  • why dont you have a big wedding? i always have a dream wedding which is a simple nikah. an akad ceremony in masjid, a small reception at home and off we go for a private holiday. so i guess..it's going to work as it's planned. INSYAALLAH :)
  • but the most popular response..shall i say top rated...is YOUR CHILDREN SURELY LOOK BEAUTIFUL..Insyaallah..i take it as a dua since me and my Honey Star loves children and we wanted to have a dozen of them :)

a bunch of happy kitties with lots of love

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