Monday, April 25, 2011

I am officially closing the kitchen

My kitchen is temporarily closed for a month. Last night I prepared today’s dinner. A simple shepherd pie and Basboosa for my dear Mr. Basboosa. he was helping me wiping the floor and Alhamdulillah i am blessed with a husband who helps a lot around the house. now, The stove is sparkly clean and I will only use it to boil hot water.

As tomorrow we agreed on having early dinner otw back from office. Yes, unfortunately I will still be working till 430 pm tomorrow and catch the flight by midnight. I’m all excited but long flight is no fun. I struggled every second in the 3 hours flight from Tawau last week and can’t imagine what I’m going to do in 10 hours flight and another 5 hours. I had my 10 hours flight ages ago...the latest was in 2003 a solo backpacking to down under. Honestly I was restless. Well this time I have my Mr. Basboosa to keep me company, 2 novels, a pack of “donkey” card, snake and ladders game, crossword puzzle, notebook with me and Insyallah everything be fine. After a day in office and running here and there, I’ll be tired and sleep straight away in the flight.

We are all not in a cheerful mood. My MIL is terribly sick and Mr. Basboosa is really sad. I don’t know hoe to cheer him up but Insyallah I will support him and try not to make him more miserable. So I got to behave myself. I pray to Allah that MIL will get better soon.
The luggage is all ready. We have 5 bags including our hand luggage. All set for the long journey

I will try to blog whenever I could but might only post it when I came back. As for now. See ya


  1. Have a safe journey... Enjoy your stay @ holidays with your inlaws :)

    Take care

  2. tc dear!!! n i hope ur MIL will b fine inshaallah :*


  3. thanks umie e, silla. unfortunately i'm still in the office :(

  4. 10 hours flight? sleep je la.. what's more? hehe..