Friday, February 5, 2010

Escape to Nowhere

it's raining this morning. all wet sticky and gloomy. i approached my car in a rush. getting wet was not an option. sat there for few minutes. heating the engine, turning in the wiper, listening to the sound of it. feeling a lil bit tired. didn't know why. tried to sleep earlier but i was feeling like i dint sleep at all. it was not a restful one. i wish i had one.
work was okay yesterday. i have finished all letters and information that needed to be sent prior to the upcoming meeting..
it's funny work is a serious matter to people of the country. i deal with ministers a.k.a politicians. assisting them in making decisions for us..for everybody. always them who decide. me sitting there..clicking the notebook scribbling notes, trying to catch every single word they are saying.... my will be drifting away..far away..enjoying the company of the non humans...i always try to escape. escape myself from the reality which could be emotionally and physically demanding. a dreamer who will still need to get on in the real life.....
it's the beginning of the day but i already worn out.

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