Friday, February 26, 2010

Walk if U Must Run if U Can CrawL if U Cant...Keep On Goin

coming back from a wonderful journey all tied up with the same routine. the hustle bustle of city life. catching up with friends...and dealing with some personal issues. life is demanding. taking a break from it is not an escapism but just call it a "cooling period". yes i believe in that. living in my LaLa land doesnt meant that i'm drifting away. it's like sleeping at night and having whatever dream i wish to have..especially those things that seems imposible in reality.

go on..swing as high as you can. put your legs up the sky...move as fast as you backwards..create tales of incredible fantasy.

then..SnaPp!!!! wake up....put that thinking cap..a lil bit of black kohl to cover the puffy off the dimples...scream n cry out loud but your imigination

that's the way it is...Life goes On

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