Sunday, February 28, 2010

RambLing Nonsense

this is me again..sitting in my room and totally clueless..yes. i dont have any brilliant idea to write nor event to write. my brain is! i couldnt even think of a silly nonsense to be recorded in this blog tonight. yes, particularly tonight. it's a warm night with high level of humidity (think so)
hwy, my brain should be melting not frozen. what is happening? im feelin like my brain been reprogrammed. luckily i still know who i am. let me count my fingers..1,2,3,4,5,6...10. enough! hungry. at this time of the night who will come an d bring me food. lots of uncooked food in the freezer but im not into cooking at the moment. let me think the options
-sausage? instant chapati? instant noodle? passed passed passed
no more bread..i wish i went to the supermarket this evening..but was pretty lazy. milo? finished..wait! let me check. nope! confirmed
okay..close my eyes and wish for the pizza to be delivered right in front of my door...and the bill already been paid...hahahaha


  1. the eggs become solid when it expose to the heat...

  2. heated pan, a lil bit of butter..a pinch of salt..a spatula..voila! scrambled eggs..
    life will never be monotonous with Bulan. a small dose of LUNAcy make no harm..mmm maybe a lot :P