Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Case of morally reprehensible ScumBag :(

who do you call a LOOOOOSER? in my rusted and frozen brain..i defined it as a person who is taking advantage of people. especially those who are weak..or in need of something. why do i call them a loser rather than an opportunist? an opportunist grab an opportunity without taking advantage on others while a loser works the other way around. a winner definitely looking for a more challenging task by competing with winners..only then they can claim themselves as winners and shouting the words of triumph!!!!glory glory ....(hahaha MU football anthem)how do you recognise a scumbag?not long after you started to hang out..you just know it..but the problem with us ladies is accepting the truth which we are not sure off whether its an instinct or merely irrelevant suspicion..my advise is to take it slow..sit back..think with all your conscience and most important of all..pray to the One and only..Allah the most gracious..Insyallah He'll lead us the way and make us content with what had happened and decided..to my dear friend..im here for you..life is not always easy for me too but we could make it better :)