Monday, March 8, 2010

FooLing My BoDy

Hahaha..LOve this BunnY's SO ME (at crazy Times :P)

i never been comfortable whenever hormone is concerned. its tough dealing with the imbalanced let alone to purposely "create" the imbalance. now..i rather keep it cool since what i'm doing now it's for a good cause. it's nothing new for others but for's the other way around. i guess i shouldnt think much about it and just swallow the pill at 10 am daily..for next 30 days. the doctor confidently tried to assure me that minimum side effect will be experienced and things going back on the track once i'm off it. i guess the medical practitioner knows better.

what i'm doing now is-Chemically confusing the Progesterone. delaying the process of releasing the "babies"..oh goes on

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