Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gossip Girls' Guide To - GET A LIFE !

"You know...Girls Talk" "No...i dont!" that's a pretty honest answer from me when Jamilah tried to explain her act.

mm...let's see my definition of Girls talk is girls 2 or more getting together and talk about their life..i repeat THEIR life not others..well ,what i normally do when i hang out with my girlfriends?..not many just Tahirah and Noor..sometimes i catch up with my "once-in-a-blue-moon" buddy Leena, the coolest outdoor trainer
what do we talk about? depends on the person or situation.

me and Tahirah will be all those youth stuff..late teenage years. she would constantly talk about her life, dealing with job interviews, relationships and family staying far away..only now she shows some interest in make ups and handbags. yes..i still think that her green sling bag is super cool. i might purchase similar colour but could be different brand..shall i say..cheaper. yes i never thought that i should spend that much for the sake of fashion.

Noor? Noor is married to a foreigner and now living in his home country. lately, she's been calling me frequently. the topic revolves around her 1st time pregnancy and simple conversation like "how to make cupcakes" to more complicated ones like "being firm on not to accept certain foreign culture". i do admire Noor for her courage, she's been married for more than 4 years and living in the same town with her in-laws. not once she mentioned bad things about them only recently when she couldnt tolerate more. of course being my long time friend, she does give me advice on certain things...all that we know we're there for each other despite being milessssssssss away. interestingly, both of us earned our degree in western countries but we dont talk about anything too western..err like- intimate relationships. it's waaayy too private! still a taboo for us..yes..we are not so westernised after all. we crack on lousy jokes most of the time..talking about our younger daysss...laughing on silly stories..

maybe that's why i was freaking out when my local friends started to talk about physical intimacy. i was like.."crapss..what should i say?" do Malaysian girls talk about this? i was not comfortable at all about it at all. one night my newly wed friend stayed at my place since her husband was away. so she started to tell me her new life as a wife. i was okay with all those "housewife's duty" only then she started to get more details...i dint ask leading questions..believe me..then i just cut her short by restlessly asking about her pregnancy..wooshhhh..that was such a relief.

another situation was when an unwed friend was about to describe similar intimacy..i just cut her short saying.."i believe you know what you are doing and the consequences from it. one day, if you need me..just let me know". another easy getaway :)

when Jamilah was trying to defend her act of gossiping on me..i totally disagree..No..girls talk doesnt have to be Gossip. she started to say that we girls do that frequently..aa..aa..not me. why do they gossip? maybe my friend is right..they have nothing much to do..they are not granted with creative brain like me..even worse if they tried to persuade people into believing whatever they said. this kindda of people should start they "own business" and begin not to mind others...please i dont buy unnecessary products..stop selling junks!

yes..can you imagine, a husband staying abroad, a maid to do chores and taking care of a pleasantly behaved 1 year old child..plus part time job few hours a week and the rest of the week.. be 24/7 free for gossips. how easy life is for certain people or could it be that she's sexually repressed? (mmm..kindda rude rhetorical question) hey..my blog..my mind..my say . does this consider as Gossip? eeer..hopefuly no.. i just getting all this rant out of my mind without having this what they refered as "Girls networking".

as a child who grew up in a house which never been less than 10 people living at the same time. as the only big girl among those small boys and too little girls..i had no time for having what they refered as "girls talk". 8 X 3 school uniforms plus 5 working clothes for my father..1 kg of onion to chop...dishes to wash..a large space to sweep..mountains of laundry (no washing machine) 3 or more cats to feed. the only thing i didnt do was cooking since my father was a fussy eater who would turn up for lunch daily for my mom's marvelous touch. of course we had no maid!

i was not complaining but thanking..since i spent more time indoors.. sometimes i did sneak out and went to friends' house just to be seen as cool enough to be able to join them. but i was not really accepted since i was labeled as a cry baby..everyone had to watch their words whenever they were talking to me since i was considered as super-extra-polite (mmmmm..maybe super- extra-sensitive). i did have 3 close friends and their moms love me :) till now..and dint mind if they spent time at my place. yes my parents had this habit..i was not allow to spend much time at friends' but friends were always welcome at our house..they could even spend overnight if their parents allowed. they chose not to since we dint have much entertainment except books...

i wonder why people gossip a lot..nowadays most of us have easy access to Internet..cant they just do their own research on topics they like..

for me: North Korea, Bali bombing, the Pasthuns (i believe that i have a small percentage of Pasthun's blood), fat animals etc..dont they are curious to know why people cant simply enter North Korea? How funny a fat monkey looked like? or just watch film online. all those boring south korean drama be fine too... or started blogging anonymously and say whatever they need to say..make it private post if possible :)

since i was small i loved digging my elder brothers' and sister' old textbooks..where i know that there are places in the world which have 4 seasons..where NZ has more sheep than human..Manchu Pichu are not names of two cartoon characters ( hahahaha ;P) and my father's encyclopedia of course..i love looking at the types of funny looking cats..persian, siamese..oriental..egyptian (not sure..but they do look like the cats in ancient egyptian drawings) ..dogs, bulldogs, german sherpard..poodles. flags of countries..most of the islamic countries have moon symbol..or green in colour...i know that Algeria is not Nigeria..Riyal is the currency of Saudi not Kelantan's
(yes..old people in the state still refering RM as Riyal)

now..i know why i never fitted into the "Girls Talk" concept..i had all different concept after all. no wonder some friends gave suspicious looks whenever they are having "girls talk'. im grateful for being raised like the way i had. my father is a good example of "it's-okay-to-be- "unfriendly' person..being unfriendly here doesnt mean that you have to be mean to others..you can be unfriendly by nature but having nice a heart too.

i remembered my "unfriendly" father who used to feed beggars when they appeared at our doorstep..once a Rohingya refugee came by. carrying her maybe 6 months old boy. she was selling something..i couldnt recall. we dint need it..instead of buying what she's selling, my father told my mother to prepare lunch for them. it was already 4 pm but they hadnt had lunch yet. they stayed for few hours, my father offered to take the baby but she was reluctant. perhaps that's what we referred as "motherly love". they left our house..not selling any product but not so empty stomach at all..and i saw my father gave them some pocket money. i wonder where are theynow..the boy almost become my adopted brother...

you dont have to be friendly to help people in need. dont need to have the 2 miles wide smiles that a politician could possible have during pre-election campaign...sending a message "Vote for me..i will help u". all you need to have is a good heart..some food to share or even just a cup of warm tea on a cold day.

to those who know me quite well..at least well enough to say, "she's just like that" . it's acceptable for them..to see me, minding my own business. however, there were times when some aggressive friends would reply "why should you bother her..she's not doing anything wrong. is she bothering you? is she bitting you? No..right! so..leave her alone!".

yes..it's not wrong to be slightly different and it's totally right to stay away from gossips..although finally you could be the object of gossip..hahahah how silly some people could be.
there were times when i almost explode after knowing that people are gossiping about me..thinking..if only i tell a big secret of "hers" to others...she'll be doomed and her life, marriage, career will wreck..but i guess..it's none of my business anyway and i'll get no benefit aout of it. my brain is full of more interesting things. shall i say more crafty? Colourful papers always attract me ;) more than rumours..

Finally, instead of spreading gossip on her as a revenge to satisfy my wicked heart, i decided to give her a trophy.. yes a project worth RM2000 and the best part is..she constantly asking me.."are you sure you dont want it?"...i just smiled and said.."i'm busy".