Friday, April 30, 2010


i love seems that that's the only thing im good and plus another one,'s good to know that there're other things in life can make me content. life is challenging, people make me smiles...some make me cry. books could give the same effect but shall i less painful way. reading makes me travel to the places that i yet to discover. life will never be bored as long as i have my small garden and crowded bookshelf which i referred as "library" :)

this was posted in my 5th blog but then i couldnt manage it well. so i decided to delete the blog and shift my book review to this blog. it doesnt matter where i posted it .all that i intend to do in this site is tot write book review or just mumbling opinion about books that i have read. i used to record whatever i read manually so's time to keep the record online so that it wont lost. yes less to save the earth...not so ;( because i'll be consuming electric more..sigh!!!

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. unfortunately my garden is not so well. the flowers are not blooming, the greens are fading..but im doing my best to keep it nourished. i need more oxygen to keep my brain functioning better..then i could read and read and read....

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