Friday, April 23, 2010

Hit it in BobbY Style

i couldnt stop from writing..and im aware about it..through happy or sad times. all i wanted to do is to expose less of my personal matters to the readers. this blog is purposely created for leisure..something more casual. i do write a and there..i even have manual journal, to record on things before i head off to the bed or if i ever have any idea right after waking im in the process of updating my Bulan's Quest..a blog which more into my personal quest..or travel. i had my recent "wonderful journey" drafted on papers. thinking that i better type it down b4 im loosing all those details.

then im planning to shift my old blogs dated 2004 till 2009 to a new blogsite..i did export and import thingy but it left the blog unchronogical. a bit messy. so..i dont favour it at all.

since i'm still getting grip on the real world and picking up the pieces of jigsaw puzzle in my current life..i have no time to just sit and type..yes..shall i say i'm looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle..and insyallah will find it's under the couch.

as i laid back and doing research for my friend texted me..putting a lil smile on me..yeah a text which sound more like this " Sister, me and my husband were watching classic hindi film "Bobby" and we think that Bobby does look like you a lot"
and i replied back " who's the hero?" she replied " forgot his name but maybe your "one" looked like him" i replied back "maybe..hopefully my "Rishi Kapoor" is on the way..anyway people said there are 7 people looked alike in this world" She replied "whatever it are the Bobby" i ended the sms "send regards to Ahmad and kisses for baby Abdul"
i think i'll visit them some time soon.

Bobby..the first image came into my mind is her red skimpy outfit..which i shall not describe more..she's such a hottie. the story is a typical Bollywood love story. Boy met girl. boy is rich..girl is poor. Boy's family disapproved. arranged marriage to other rich girl. Poor girl sad but gave up. Boy ran away from family. Boy took girl away. Boy's family searched for them. Boy's family finally approved and Boy and Girl live happily ever after. of course there's dancing and singing for 3/4 of the movie and punching and kicking with elaborated sound effect...that sound more like an elephant trampling over a human's body rather than a human's punch..amazing!

Look at the nothing like Bobby..well at least she reminds somebody of me :)

real life is not as simple as "Bobby" it lucky or whatever. it takes time to finally get to assemble things together. then when a part of it goes missing, you just had to keep looking. there'll be times you'll stop looking and make the process slower..wheras the missing pieces could end up in the dustbin or hidden in a corner of your house. meaning, your have to direct it..of course Allah does it but through you conscience. there'll be the'll just loosing your conscience. hold on..chill up..take a break..then continue looking for that missing piece again. you'll find it at the least expected place or time.

the thing is i have no solid idea to write but im feeling like writing anyway.writing always make me feel better..been writing manually since life, teenage crush etc..things were bad at certain time but it's amazing to read again and know that im still alive :) not an angel and never been perfect in many ways. i get emotional..i cry..i laugh..i stutter..i stumble..i fall..i break

the one thing keep me goin is my faith...
yes i gotta have faith..again..Life Goes On

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