Friday, April 2, 2010

The Kohled eyes

i was feeling under the weather yesterday. feeling all craps and all that i wanted to do was lying on my bed, closing my eyes and pretend to sleep. i put my mobile on silence mode..yet feeling it vibrated. i just let it went on. yes..i was feeling upside down..trying to open my eyes and put the kohl and go on with my life. unfortunately no kohl would hide those i rather kept the kohl for less turmoil days when a thin line shall hide the restlessness. sometimes i believe kohl is a magical substance that could make crying eyes smiling :)

wearing kohl is like wearing a mask to me..when i tried to remind myself..wake up! life has to go on. put this kohl on ur beautiful eyes yet puffy..put on a great smile on that dimpled cheeks..walk your head up..greet all those you meet on the way to punch your attendance card..hold on..till you'll get to your partition..then sit and .......try not to wet those cheek with the black kohl..ITS OKAY TO RUIN YOUR KOHL BUT ITS NOT OKAY TO RUIN YOUR DAY

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