Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taking a Time Out

I am aware that not many fellow blogger been reading my blog and my blog is never been popular or important. i like to write and blogging seems a cool way to express my thoughts and ideas, let it be "real" or merely "imagination".
but at some point, things get personal. Then i feel the need to take a break from blogosphere..just to ease some thoughts.
my break is not going to be permanent, maybe for just little time which im not sure....
so for the time being, i'll just sit quietly in the corner. Perhaps, i'll just blogging the ancient way..manually with pen and papers. no audience but that will do.
insyallah i'll be back in no time..with better stories and less wimpy ideas.
now, i rather keep my thoughts in my wonderland while updating my quest privately till i'm ready to go public again. there are so many things i wanted to write about untill i dont know how and where to start. it's better for me to just scribble it before let others read.
insyallah i'll be back soon since i love writing and knowing that someone been reading my "piece of junks". yes..MY thoughts, MY dreams
Thank You all for all those time spent reading this "junks"...

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