Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things Not To Do in 3 Months--updated

let me list down

  1. cut my it..but plan to chop it soon..bye bye OFF WITH THE HEAD!!!

  2. colour my hair...doing next week..but be more natural..henna based only since it reminds me of :my late dad commented "can you pray with that colour on?" my mum said "what have you done with your nice hair?" my sis asked," where do i get that same colour?" my lil niece said, "This is aunty's hair (referring to her doll's bad locks)" my colleague stressed, "Of course there's no Pork in the hair colour product!"

  3. eat carbo on weekdays except wholemeal bread/brown fatter Now..

  4. Drink more than a cup of coffee on daily basis..i hate coffee now..well dont know why but after coming back from the "journey"...untempted at all..glad to be"decaffeinated " at last

  5. forget drink milk before bedtime..milk goes stale in my fridge by the time i remembered about it..powdered milk not so tasty ;P

  6. wake up late even on weekend....seems to be waking up before fajr lately

  7. get crazy...not clinically but i do get crazy many times..all the time

  8. easily stressed up...not now was before

  9. buy make up.....just a black kohl for emergency "masked up" in office. sheer colour lip ice..i'm ditching all those lipsticks, fancy eyeshadows, pinky blushes..settled for black Kohl, mascara and natural colour lip gloss only..thinking of goin "au naturel"

  10. buy books (i have lots of unread new books-so read all of it first)...i bought almost zillion books. always have soft spot for books..cant say NO even constantly"hackin" Tahirah's bookshelf..for Neesa's books..Sorry Mate :)

  11. buy new clothes...bought some modest clothes..perhaps time to clean the wardrobe and get over the frilly hello kitty styles

  12. change shampoo..i did..finished last one..while waiting new one imported from Japan. hurry up Keiko-san!

  13. being lazy..still do..its in my blood :P perhaps need a blood transfusion..need to upgrade to A instead of AB..ridiculous!!!


4 achieved

5 need to be improvised

4 justified

well done..mission accomplished!!! no failure just "pending" success..better strategies next time

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