Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants

i hacked this novel from Neesa's collection. nothing extraordinary about the plot. just normal american teenagers' story. Girls' friendship. couldnt relate any of it with my story..just the fact that Tibby's friend, Bailey who died because of cancer. i almost cry for this bestfriend Rahmah died in May basically..been 3 years..tough

i did enjoy reading it, very casual, no hassle..u could almost guess the ending. i have the 3rd book but havent read gone missing from my bookshelf..gosh! i hate it when others hacked my "library". or maybe they did ask me..but i just forgot about it. must be my nieces. i'll ask them.
i read almost any kind of genre of books..but not into romance that much. i particularly like children's collection, teenagers or even serious autobiography of Madam Mao. till now i still remember her quote " the only contribution from men in this world is sperm" talking about feminism vs dictatorship. Madam Mao vs Mao zethung..guess what..the "queen" controlled..

the best part of the novel is just the fact that the girls Lena, Britney, Tibby & Carmen used the pants to keep on their friendship enough..and one of the rule is to never washed it..ever!

the author should change the Title of the book as The Sisterhood of the Stinking Pants :P believe me..It will be stinked after 2 summers!

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