Monday, September 14, 2009

Even The Bad Times Are Good


i rose lazily from my bed. having this dodgy feeling. yes, blame the monday blues. no, it was not a monday blues for me. it's more like I HATE EVERYBODY, I HATE MYSELF kindda day. 2 mins shower was enough. looking at my reflection in the mirror and thinking why the....i was doing this and that. dragging myself to apply thick eyeliner to cover up swollen eyes. putting lil bit blusher to my pale cheeks. there i was, throwing the blanket, towel, nighties all over the floor. finally run down the stairs and got in the car.

life was bad life was sucks..but i need to get going. why should i try to please people when i'm not happy with it? nobody asks me too. i was screaming and shouting silently....just inside me. arriving in the work place, putting my chin up and started my day. it was okay. but hey.....nothing was easy. breaking a promise, hurting people is the least favourite thing to do. however, it's time to stops being an angel and try to please others. why should i feel bad for having the rights to say NO?

finally...the unspoken thoughts were delivered in just a simple sms. instead of having a date with someone i dont really want to meet, i called up the girls and had a blast! was a great girls time.

i guess my day was not pretty bad as it started earlier OR it finally be better. so, which one is true? having to start a day miserably is like a foreshadow that the whole day bad and you'll never be able to do things right..that's what i always thought. but then today i thinks it works differently. YEs Even The Bad Times Are Good!!! if the day doesnt start well, take a time out..chill out. try to cool down. perhaps it's not a bad day after all. find ways to amuse yourself. get some close friends to monkeying around. try to make the best out of the worst.

then before going to bed at night, you'll be able say to was not a bad day after all!!!


  1. life is ups and downs...take a chance to enjoy the ups and MIND the downs to learn :) I believe Bulan is more stronge and able to manage all these MATTERs of life. :)

  2. YEAH RITE! stop being philosophical. sometimes something better not be learnt...remind you more on how sucks you are in things.

  3. refere to your article :"Life is Not aLL aBouT WinninG" :)