Monday, September 7, 2009

LOsT in TranSLaTioN

I'm having major changes in my daily job. Time, content and the most disturbing thing is the fact that i need to twist the language back to my 1st language. having to use English to think makes it lil bit tedious to revert back to BM. i'm not saying that i couldnt do it but perhaps it takes more practice than i imagine. now i have to do translation from my 2nd Language to my 1st language. It's irony. isnt it? funnily, i was doing the other way around last 20+ years. struggling to find the right words for my English lesson. and now...i'm struggling still but for my BM report. i could never imagined this before. Two languages are nothing compared to those who are multilingual. i have a friend who is a multilingual. i wonder in what language he normally dreams while sleeping...

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