Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is "Wrong" then...?

i've been in two meetings on "rights" two days in a was a workshop on the amendement of Child Act 2001 and another 1 is SUHAKAM conference. i had a very deep interest during the workshop. suprisingly, i was not dozing off not even 1 minute. this morning was so-so. maybe because all that i could see was a group of people who's trying to make everything "rights". Child act is different. it's more like a protection act to protect children from misconduct done by mostly adults. only then i was informed that child act and child rights are not the same. however, i strongly into the discussion as a listener. that was my 1st participation so it's good to sit and observe the matters first. i do hope that i'll be more active in the future. hey, i managed to convince this 1 office from the welfare department to give a copy of Child Act 2001...for free of course. it's a good start. Isn't it? plus the UNICEF tag remind me of my dream. To be actively participating in UNICEF and doing good deeds to help the children in the world. Wow! sound impressive enough, a mother Theresa wannabe. mmm..perhaps i'm not as angelic as she was or as financially capable Lady D, the world icon in fighting human poverty...not even Angelina Jolie whos hobby is adopting all sorts colours of babies.

I am Bulan, a dreamer, a pleaser and a forgiver....

ok, lets talk about todays meeting. the suhakam 9th Human Rights Day. the conference was held in Renaissance Hotel. impressive enough plus all those refreshment provided...fasting anyway. there again i could recognise some NGOs and representative from GOs as well. the talks are daunting maybe because not many issues on education been adressed. So i spent 20 mins dozing. hahaha. BUlan is always a Bulan. the conference heated up with Q&A session. all those sensitive issues on religion was address. everyone wants to be "Right" without considering others, religiously, socially or geographically.

people are busy talking about what is right...what about what is wrong? when does a rights turn to be wrong? how do we evaluate "rights"? How do we determine "rights"? and the list goes on and on..

For me, Human rights mean having the rights on certain things without violating others' rights.

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