Friday, September 11, 2009

Bulan as an InsigniFicant IntroverT

"Hey Bulan! are you alone?" i just nodded my head "i always see you alone, next time give us a call. you can spend lunch break with us". i just answered, "yeah, sure".

it's nothing new, i always on my own and honestly i did not even realise that i'm alone. perhaps i could identify myself as a profound introvert. well, nothing is wrong with that, although it's kindda disturbing when people sharply label me as anti-social. i strongly disagree with that. i am capable of having a social contact in most of the time. it's just i prefer to have my own time, do my things, on my own's like i follow my own way but if others choose the same way. i'll be more than happy.

being an introvert is not a big deal. it doesnt mean that we are passive. believe me, i am an active monkey. i do like being around with others and at the same time, i value the individual private moment. so do we classify an introvert as a loner? noooo..not exactly.

we are not nerds who burry ourselves in book (hehehe..i like the idea though) we do have friends. for me i'm not in a favour of crowded places. i think the most crowded places i ever been were malls and cinemas. otherwise i prefer quieter environment. taking a walk along uncrowded beaches, watching the MooN, gazing at the night sky, counting the stars..pretty serene. huh?

then, i do like to skate, swim, cycle or even bungy jumping again and again (if it's free). hey, the sky diving dream...i was unable to do it during my solo backpacking in NZ..out of budget. sigh!
Bulan is always known as the quiet girl who sits in the corner, without she realising it sometimes. what the heck, she's doing ok. she doesnt talk that much, well only to those she's comfortable with. but once she needed to voice up her opinion...she's doing fine.

there is only and will only be one BULAN...among so many stars..yes perhaps stars are extrovert and again, nothing's wrong with being an extrovert. I do enjoy the company of extroverts. i think they are cool. hey, look at the sky. you'll see many stars but there's this one significant star near the moon. maybe that star is a guidance angel to the moon.the star shines whenever the moon is not at her best time. when the moon is at her brimmest hour, the star will let her be herself...that one particular star i consider as the Bintang. It is Bulan's Bintang :)

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