Thursday, September 17, 2009


holiday is here and suprisingly i'm not happy about it. the only thing that i looked foward is going back to a place where should be far from hustle busle of city life. since it's festive season. i could not expect my lil hiding place be peaceful. luckily i'm goin to a place which i think be peaceful enough. what's wrong with me? am i socially sceptical? honestly the thoughts of crowded places..traffic jam..people talking loudly already give me a restless feeling.
i know i cant isolate myself. i dont even want to.
2 days are enough for me since everybody are quite busy going here and there. nobody really realise if i exist or not. just my close family and friends. family be at my place on 1st raya. 2nd raya be a gathering with my primary schoolmates. other than that? be at home waiting for the guess. making drinks, cleaning etc.
i'm looking foward to meet my family. that's all. to hang out with them...but i'm sure they'll be busy. perhaps i take some days off next time. just to be with them.
suprisingly, now i'm browsing through websites to beautiful islands. well just in SEA. cant afford to travel far. a place where i'm going to make an official hiding place for me. a place where i can go to whenever i'm feeling like hiding away from people, things...but then, i need to find a safe place for a lady traveller like me since i know there will be times i need to be alone.


  1. seeking to hide like you are WANTED!!!! :-p have a nice careful on the road...Happy holiday :)

  2. i will...and i found 1's goin to be a secret place..
    no HIDE n SEEK game! it's SEEK n HIDE!!!!