Friday, December 11, 2009

Cheer Up :)

Bad hair days have never been a big deal to me since having blessed with curly wooly hair, everyday is a bad hair day to me. Luckily, wearing hijab seems to be a solution for the problem. Nobody knows how freaky my hair was on certain day especially on I-couldn’t-be –bother day or just another I’m-late-again morning. There were times when the ladies in the office stared at my dyed frizzy hair while I was taking whuduk in the office’s ladies. But none of them has the guts to ask me about it. LOL…and I’m too lazy to answer the same question again and again. “Yes, this is original except the colour”. And today is the 4th day I dint brush my hair. Yes I dint brush it for 4 consecutively day. Let’s just blame my lazy hormone…

Best DesCribed Bad Hair DaY

Work was a bit tiring today. I was glued in front of the computer screen from morning till late evening. Yes, I left the office at 6.30…went to the car. Heated the engine and read the novel. Maybe it was 6.45 when I actually drove away from the parking space. Road was very clear today since it’s a public holiday in where I less cars on the road. I had a quite pleasant drive…but still hate driving anyway.

I stopped at the stall, buying some food since cooking is out of my mind at the moment. Just some Bakso from my fave stall and accidently found a cat near by. I meant a stuffed cat which was still nicely wrapped in plastic. It cost me only RM2...i was not planning to buy it at all but looking at the cat’s eyes...oooh, poor lil thing. It needs a home and I have plenty of space for it plus taking care of stuffed animal always been easy. I don’t have to feed them, they don’t make any noise, no frequent petting is required, they don’t dirty the house and the best part is if they smells…you just need to throw them in the washing machine with some detergent or softener for extra fluff to the fur.LOL

Neko being comfortable in its new house

Then, I decided to go to the nearest bookstore. Yes, I need a shopping therapy to ease not-so-good mood. Huh! I always like bookstores…touching the books on the shelves, smelling the eraser or sometimes just reading the poster. Hey, I checked out some stickers. As usual...I could never say NO to cute stickers. I believe “there’s a child in every adult…perhaps in my case, there’s more than 1”. hhahaha. I finally bought two cats sticker
rs with cute love hearts, not knowing where to stick it. Oh well, I think of it later.

Again, I spent my time in my car which I purposely parked in front of my balcony (a launderette more likely) admiring my garden from far. Yes...the pink flowers bloom really well...the greens are greener...and the purple is purple-r...hahaha...the word doesn’t even exist. is not what I expected it to be today. Yes...there’s a lil bit frustration but I’ll get by it…i have too

Again I gave a long sigh “life goes on” and stepped out from the car and climbed the stairs to my little "heaven".