Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taming PMS

for guys.. yeah you the one with furry body and insensitive brain (ooops...that's monkeys):PMS is Pre menstrual stress which ladies experienced 10-7 days before menstruation.
scientific explanation:

Chemical changes in the brain. Fluctuations of serotonin, a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) that is thought to play a crucial role in mood states, could trigger PMS symptoms. Insufficient amounts of serotonin may contribute to premenstrual depression, as well as to fatigue, food cravings and sleep problems.
in simple statement BLAME OUR HORMONE

to you understand? now take a hike!!! before we ate u alive with choc caramel as topping.

Probably the biggest

complaints of those dealing with PMS are MooD SwinGs. Sure, there are plenty of ancillary symptoms that are just as prevalent – usually they include acne, bloating, pain and some muscle aches, and even psychological problems – but they all appear to pale when compared to the severity and speed of the mood swings that seem to be out of control during the time just prior to the onset of the menses. Yes sometimes i'm feelin blessed if i have fluid retention in my body rather than the fluid retained in my brain..

Taming PMS mood swings is a mix of putting an end to one of the symptoms that onlookers and others in the household perceive as the main complaint, while at the same time learning how to make the most of available means of dealing with a monthly recurrence.

Here R some of the Tips To Tame ur PMS

( i dont religiously follow..hey i'm PMS-ing k..wat do you expect?)

  1. # take a break from LIFE..go and hide in the cave and of course bring tons of choc with you. choc bar, choc drink, choc ice (bring ur fridge wit u)..extra cheese pizza with choc brownies topping..make sure u have enough cash/debit card/credit card to pay the delivary boy. and the cave must be near food outlets and shops to buy junk foods when u r out of supply.

  2. #best to avoid the shopping mall AT might end up buying hideous pink dress with green polkadot pairing with bright orange bootcut pants.

  3. #stop discussing issues with will go against watever he said..even if he said that you forgot to take off your hair roller. you might feel that he's saying, "you are ugly"

  4. #a sad movie is a complete NO'll cry uncontrobly and relate every single scene in the movie with your story..even when the frog prince get married to another frog.

  5. #stay away from all sharp objects, tall buildings since you'll tempted to hurt urself with it....jump from the building. even worst if you'll stab someone for just not responding to ur SMS in less than 2 seconds or push someone from 4th floor apartment because you think he's calling u Fatso.

  6. #dont get angry (it's impossible anyway)..if you r angry stay away from the phone, text msg. write a snail mail might change ur mind anyway by the time u reach the post office and found out the Looong line of people.

  7. #have a blog..write down watever you feel and if you r still feeling the same way after the PMSing might decide that it's not PMS after all..

  8. #still about blogging..write a private entry and curse those you hate with all possible bad words you can think of.

  9. #dont use red letters for blog, red dress, red underware, red pen or even red lipstick.

  10. #eat watever you wanted to eat, wat you craved for all this long but afraid that it's going to ruin ur have the most valid excuse "I'm PMS-ing"

  11. #Sleep if you can..10 days straight during PMS and only wake up to eat the junk food and when needed to go to toilet. by the time you wake up..violaaaa the PMS is over!!!!

***the list will go on and on. my advice is gobble on the high carbo food with extra sugar. lock ur self and stay away from Men especially those you wouldnt want it end up with DISASTER

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