Thursday, December 3, 2009

PlanTing SeeDs of HappineSs

( 11 Dec 2009- Mission AccomPLished )

( 7 Dec 2009-The Sole SurvivoR )

( 3 DeC 2009)

(18 Nov 2009)

5cm smiley seed, bright orange stink marigold petals, a curly funny plant and tiny Japanese roses…cheerful enough, providing patches of colours to cloudy December sky. That’s what I thought. These joyfull plants are perhaps the only motivation for me to go to my workplace especially on bad days like these couple of days. I've been working n working without knowing much what I’ve done.

Feeling slightly light headed yesterday with a slight attack of gastric due to unnecessary anxiety. which should be under controled...but never been a piece of cake to most people. but one thing for sure, Life goes on. Run if you can, walking is ok...or crawl if you just need to go on..doesnt matter how..

Honestly I was in blue and unsatisfied with my job. Then, Ms Ym from the faculty called me asking about my study status. Apparently my supervisor, Prof N was there. I was told to see her a.s.a.p. gulp! Should I go on or quit? Or just postpone it for another 10 years perhaps?

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about my previous plan in sort of “once-upon-a-time” story. Then he said to me, “It doesn’t mean your current life will be your last”. He’s right. I, by no means have no control over my destiny but it wouldn’t be any harm if I review my old plan and think about it again. By the way, that’s what I like to do best in my life. Yes...teaching. One’s not impossible for me to go back to my old times. Teaching to a bunch of students who are eager to listen to me...discussing psycholinguistic theories with teachers-wannabes. Guiding them in exams…helping them to score good marks.

Satisfaction is important in life. I could be stucked in a secure job but unhappy or not so secure job but happy.’s like having a secure unhappy relationship or insecure happy relationship. PARADOX in meaning but do happen in reality….knowing myself. I always choose to be happy. Of course I want to be rich...but I want to be a smiley face kindda rich…so having a place to stay…decent food to eat (cant say nutritious since I do eat junk food a lot...hahaha) a car to move around...lil extra cash for things..Be enough. Who cares if others r driving HONDA…I’ll be happy if I’m riding on a camel as long as there’s a “driver”…huh...i never like that engined animal a.k.a car anyway.

Now...what I’m thinking do I turn back to plan A, after moving along with PLAN B? The problem is I might be facing some legal action. Some of it is quite ridiculous…so when penalty fees are concerned. I rather not talk too much. Perhaps before taking any step. I should consult a legal advise from the expertise not from friends who mostly will talk about commonsense...believe me. Been through all those and discovered that it could be nonsense after all. I rather not loose my senses anymore which could result me being unpaid for almost a year….sigh!!!

To be or not to be...The road not taken again…two roads diverged in a yellow wood…blabla…blabla

the point is, i need to Plant my own Happy Seeds. those seeds might not grow all but i'm having no doubt that some will :)


  1. Happiness is made by ourselves... i remember a story of 3 guys who saw dead dog, the 1st said: the scene is disgusting, the 2nd said the smell is bed, the 3rd said: his teeth is white! means that better we always try to see nice things in all the situations :)

    keep faith for what you believe! and Do it!

  2. ok..that's a good story. so how's the cats' teeth? :O