Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Art of Day-DreaMinG

i am..Bulan. a day-dreamer. i day dream almost anywhere, about anything minus the erotic dreams. it's humiliating when i was caught day dreaming in a meeting. yes, the nature of my job involves lots of meeting. there were times i have to attend meetings almost everyday. honestly, most of the meeting are draggy enough which making me find ways to amuse myself. i dream of flying on a flying carpet. yes literally. no kidding. climb the highest mountain or just normal ones like what o eat for lunch, what drinks, books i wanted to read etc.
i have attention deficit which i tried to deny before. it's like denying my natural being..the worst part is the fact that i am denying myself, not letting me to be myself.

Me as Princess Jasmine with my "Aladdin" taking a ride on the flying carpet

finally, when i was in varsity, i started to acknowledge my "day-dreaming" behaviour. so what i do is to give myself 3 mins to dream after every 30-40 mins. amazingly, i dont feel that im being left in my own lala land. i can just get back to the "real" world in a blink. it's a fun thing to do and ease my tension. im not missing anything..not missing any important details of the meetings. surprisingly, i could jot down more details compared to my colleague. it's proven when few times after meetings, when me and colleague need to write reports. i found out that they are missing some very important details. hahaha

my mind always wonders. it's like there are bubble of clouds on my head every now and then. however i dont let it out. it's safely secured in my rusty brain. i think one of the problem with them missing details and rambling nonsense is that they dont allow themselves to think nonsense. so they end up saying it. i think nonsense but i dont say it aloud..oh well maybe to some "lucky" friends :) it's hard when people judge me for being nonsense..i am not crazy, i dont hallucinate. i just have colourful dreams and i dont think it's a problem. i realised i dont want to stop day dreaming, i dont have too. my life is perfectly balanced. at least, that's what i think..

"I never bother about that. Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter." (Dr Suess)

"hey just focus on the main details..this is not a literature class and we dont need to write a 350 words essay"
perhaps blogging does help me to limit my day dreaming..but NO..i do enjoy it and glad that Allah gives me such thoughts. i dont have many friends..not that im "unpopular" but i always been entertained by my "wanders". i have no problems in socialising. people do enjoy my company..it just that i enjoy my own company too. it's a way to avoid gossip and backbiting. i do know some gossip before others but i dont feel the need to spread it. it's just a like a wind passing through.

i like to feel "smart" every time i go to Parliament to supervised other officers on duty. so mine is to approve the details that have been prepared by them. guess what, they always missed some details. how could it be? they seemed very serious..paying all attention to the speaker and sit properly most of the time. Me? i was slouching most of the time. napping once awhile. the politicians could be darn boring at times and who could sit straight for the whole day.

I am happy to claim that..


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