Monday, June 28, 2010

Skirts? Dresses? Who cares...

i have this great interest in frilly flowing summer dresses/ skirts. always do..but being a "European size" lady in a petite Asian culture always turns me down. the dress/skirt is either too small or too short for me..way above my ankle and as a's way too inappropriate for me.

one day, i saw this frilly floral smocked dress with small strings as's nice but not long enough, plus i dont have suitable cardigan to wear with..anyway..cardigan is not so practical in this boiling weather of a tropical country..i'll get all sweaty in less than one hour and i''ll get super conscious with my body odour regardless excessive sprays of perfume. Stinks..stinks Bulan ;#[

somehow, i let my hands ran through the dress..mmm..this smocked here could treat as elastic band..perhaps a little bit high..but comfortable enough since it wont stuck between rolls of my "cute" belly.. hahaha. so i need to give it a little bit of experiment.

yes..i bought the dress for less than rm50 and yes again..any clothes cost me above that is considered expensive. so can you imagine how did i look like when my mom told me that she bought 2 batik cloth worth rm300 and rm100 including a cotton cloth for rm5o..minus the tailor's cost. Wow!!! i nearly dropped my jaws..what the...Please Mom..stop buying more cloth. i have more than enough clothes for Eid..of course she said that i need not to pay for it but I WILL..i think everything will cost me rm1000..huh!!! i'm still a little girl to my mom and she loves to dress me..still.

the truth is.. im a cheapskate which i believe that i never failed to make a cheap stuff looked cool on me :) so, back to my dress's story.

i matched the dress (which is now a skirt to me) with a loose man's shirt...tadaa..the result is a modest look which im pretty much satisfied. i do have matching blouse that i could wear with it but just feel like trying to fit the baggy man's shirt in my wardrobe for my own convenience. Easy to look for my size and i could just kidnap from my bros' closet..:") talking about being an immoral cheapskate!!!! LOL

i have some pics of dresses that can be converted into skirts which mostly suitable for casual outings, classes or just for weekly grocery shopping at a nearby supermarket.

I simply love this red dress. you can just detach the strings off the dress or just hide it inside. you never might want to wear it as a dress at the comfort of your home for "his" eyes only. ;P

Seriously, who could tell if you're wearing a skirt or a dress. This strapless dress is definitely destined to serve as a skirt for me.

This "innocent" look can be worn with almost any colour of tops.

I'm going bananas for these floral printed Hawaiian theme cotton dresses. It's summer all year here :) cotton keeps me cool
on a hot, hot day

another cute strapless dress, but this one is a long dress that can be worn with pink tops (my fave) or slip on a long cardigan and off you go for a day outing with your friends or even taking the children for a day out in the park. *in my case..taking my wabbits out for a walk*

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