Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm so in LOVE

I have a good news. i am proud to announce that i am in a healthy relationship. that's what i believe. we met few times before but i never really think of it. then, last weekend we met again. this time. i finally admit my feeling. yes i am so in love with...HUMUS .hahahaha LOL

in fact Harumi also feels exactly the same. we are ditching those fatty spread and dips.

the love story goes like this. on one particular one hot sunday noon i brought her to enjoy lil middle east cuisine. so we ordered a large chicken kabsha and mix appetizer wit humus dip. the restaurant was very crowded. we dint expect the main dish arrived on time..the same time as the appetizer. guess what? we ended up eating appetizer and forgetting the main dish. the rice was a lot. it's like we could feed the whole entire apartment block with it. to note,we're forcing ourselves to finish it and i time im just going to share a regular kabsha wit 2. mind was fully occupied with the thoughts of eating it..i like the creamy..sourish taste..a good alternative to mayo or cream cheese. i pictured myself wrapping it in lettuce leaves..yummy. perhaps i could buy ready made in the hypermarket near my office.

monday noon. i was all set with a mission to hunt for humus...NO! i couldnt find it anywhere..only the same western dipping sauce..the solution is to make my own humus. i had no choice but to learn it now...i mean NOW or never. I browsed for online easy..very easy and i mean it..just chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and tahini. hey wait, what on earth is i had to click the word tahini and so much relieved to know that basically it just a blend of sesame seed and olive oil.

tuesday noon..i went to get all the ingredients.still trying to look for ready made tahini..but to no avail . undoubtly, i had to start from scratch and i opted for canned chickpeas. i am craving for humus at the very moment, i'll be all frustated to actually soak the chickpeas for a night and cooking it will take some time too. maybe next time i'll buy the dry chickpeas, it's cheaper.

i finished shopping the ingredients,
  1. chickpeas
  2. lemon juice
  3. sesame seeds
  4. olive oil-no need..still have at home
still..i have this feeling "i want humus now!"
i remembered there's new middle east restaurant opened in the mall they must have humus. so i went there..specifically ordered humus and Sahara chicken which i dont really care...i want humus only..but chicken be okay too..i was super hungry anyway.

i almost did a happy dance when the waiter brought my humus."yesss i got my humus". i went back to office...walked as fast as i could. finally when i arrived at my partition ...and took the pita bread included ..dipped it inside the humus..what a life...i imagine myself being cleopatra..stuffing my beautiful face with the humus with the servants looking and admiring me..(okay..that's too much) i was totally immersed in my "humus experience" when my boss came to my desk and told me..meeting at's 2.00 and i needed to go and pray and get i said " see you dear humus" and off to the ladies for whuduk.

the meeting ended at 4.30 pm. it's time to go home. once i reached home, i continued eating the humus..and harumi was more than happy to join. we dipped the slices of carrot, wrapped it with lettuce..aaaa heaven.

Today..wednesday night..finally i got to try my experiment.
first, i toasted the sesame seeds for 5 mins..almost burnt it :)
blended it with olive there was my TAHINI.
then, blended the chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and some salt... less than 15 mins i got my smooth creamy texture of HUMUS.
i think its better than the one i bought from the restaurant.. love it!!!
harumi totally agreed with me.well, she always does ;P

honestly..both of us were almost hysterical..proud to be able to prepare our own HUMUS. i asked Harumi to decorate it a lil i cut some carrots and took out some water crackers. hahaha. we put all in a plate..too bad we dint have suitable bowl that could look more presentable. it's okay even though harumi ended making a "semi-constructed" well for the olive oil..

here are three photos..since it's phenomenal (according to our dictionary..), we decided to post it in the blog..
pretty lousy decoration but it's a good attempt
Harumi presenting mr.Humus-san

almost empty plate in less than 20mins..BANZAI!!!

by the end of the day, my conclusion is..our love for HUMUS..will go on..i'll make it more next time and keep it refrigerated.i even promised Harumi to make some for her to take back to japan.

owwh..i put labels on the bottles, one is HUMUS...another one is TAHINI..just in case my brother thinks those two are mayo and peanut butter.better label it now..before he complains crankly and wasting my "humus' down the bin.

it's gonna be a "humus affair" for a while. "have dinner at home tomorrow" i told harumi. but no rice will be served. i got marinated shrimps and guess, what salad we're going to eat tomorrow? rite! you are totally rite, HUMUS salad of course.hahaha

a humus affair updated

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