Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eyes WiDDDeee OPEN

i couldnt sleep...huhuhu
i slept around 1030 last night. set my alarm at 2.00 with the intention of waking up and watch Algeria vs England. after delaying my wake up..i finally rose. went to the bathroom..had a lil bit of refreshing face wash and of course emptying my bladder. hey..what dont do 2 rakaat naf prayer? yes..why dont.. so i did it..its not that every morning i'll be able to wake up at such wee time..
i turned on the tv and....wat the..what was the channel airing? Mexico vs France. hey its almost 3 and time for the current game. maybe a bit i ended up dragging a basket full of clean laundry and started to fold it. least fave chore. had to do it anyway. so within 20 done with it. sign of live telecast of the match. the host keep on talking..blablabla. too lazy to on my laptop..i thought finally i got to watch a smooth telecast. last time when i was watchin korea vs..i dont know..forgot already..the player was aboiut to kick the ball...then..the screen was and hirumi were frozen too. yesss...frozen of amusement. "is it in or not?" Harumi asked..i heard a roar of cheers from my upstairs's in..the guys were cheering. so there not so smooth World cup experience.

the tv channels do not provide all the game and sadly i dont install suscribed tv..too lazy to go and watch it at the cafes nearby..must be full of male population..i wouldnt feel comfortable being ogled at the wee our not a big fan of football anyway..just that it's world cup..only once in 4 years and Hirumi is Japanese..from JAPAN..Muhammad is Algerian from ALGERIA of course..they are two my good buddies just giving a lil support here..yeah fair enough, after messing their life with my craWziness :P

so i had no choice but to on my laptop and watch the game online. it was the lucky Pinnoy channel. well..not so smooth. it's ok. i was watching while doing my ironing for next week..i had a piece more to iron while the game ended. so i kept on ironing and tried to watch movie online. not so interesting..jennifer's body. watched half of it..and it was time for fajr. so i did my prayer and continued reading some news. Tahirah texted me and asking me to join her for spa-ing going to be as clean as white sheet..not so white..but better..mmmm i just like to touch my skin after spa-ing..oh so lovely..soft..scented..aaahhh i could fall in love with myself. hahaha..talking about self obsession :) i replied with a big OK..she must had just arrived back from her "canada" work..tough job at odd hours. so better let her have a rest.

okay..that's it! i went to see the rabbit and fed them. now..time to feed me. brown rice...vege..mmm..i ended up cooking dont-know-wat..Hirumi finally woke up and asked me..wat r you cooking? Dont ask...however..we ate a tasty breakfast. still couldnt i downloaded eyes...getting sleepy and sleepier...the website was slow anyway..Hirumi was getting ready to go out..yes..for a football game tonite with her fellow japanese friends.

i was asleep from 11 am till 3.30..feeling so much cramped on the couch...not enough space for my legs..but better than sleeping in a hot boiling room. my room gets the'll be so darn warm most of the mornings.

i jumped into shower and had a brief one..hahaha..dont need to do the scrubbing since i'll be paying people to do it tonite. i texted Syarifah..was thinking to drop by at hers and give hamzah's present. too bad she's going out. but we planned to get together at Aminah's tomorrow. so mission almost accomplished.

i continued watching Madagascar and had some lil bit brown rice. now im blogging and thinking that i should off to Tahirah's house now since i wanted to get some fruits at the supermarket and withdraw some money..or maybe not..lazy bum.. feeling sleepy but too late to take a's 6 pm...
i guess i'll do some reading.

Leena texted me around 630 asking me out for drinks..sorry spa-ing we set a "date" tomorrow night..
my sunday be fully occupied..with food plus girls' talk (NOT GOSSIP)

updated: i met Syarifah..gave the present to Hamzah ..they were 4 hours late..huhuh. Leena had to cancel our "date"..perhaps next time

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